Not service

Sometimes, I realize I am not serving. There’s very little of what I’m doing that could be considered service. But then, we look at the “outside world” that disturbs the chance for service… no… not the chance for service. This outside world distracts from service and gives an excuse for not serving. Within almost all situations there is suitable opportunity for service if one looks. And yet, I let other things influence me and get in the way of the service.

Okay, to be fair, the level of service we have been trying to achieve is a new one. We’ve talked about 24/7 but I am not sure that we are realistically pushing toward that. But then, if I’m having trouble with a few hours a day, keeping it as 24/7 won’t be possible, not without a certain and demonstrable adjustment to how I’ve been doing things.

I feel at a loss. I am not sure if it’s just my distractions with work, personal, the latest move, the smaller space I’m living in. Is it money, holidays, family things? Is it something else?

Renewed blog, renewed energy

I’m not even sure that Chloe knows that I’ve rejuvenated the blog after a long hiatus. But she was very much in possession of her pup this morning. While I did get to sleep in a bit this morning, as is normal, she came to wake me after her shower, first smothering me, then riding me and then spanking my ass just below my balls while I was laying on my back. She also spent some time smacking my balls as well. This angle of ass spanking was a new thing and was more intense than one might think, but it did keep me laying in a very vulnerable state while she beat me. She also warned me that we were alone this weekend and I should expect more and greater punishments and pleasures throughout the weekend. I should also expect that I’ll be chaste for a long time and that my recent spate of ejaculation has ended.

So, with the renewed vigor of the blog itself, my renewed interest in writing in it, the fact that it’s NaNoWriMo (and for some, NaNoBlogMo it seems) and we’re finally moved in together and really “making a home” together… many things are happening. It should be an eventful and playful weekend and I expect to find that I’ll be a bit battered and bruised by the time I get back to work again on Monday.

Renewed blog

Unfortuantely, the transfer from the old server to the new server failed, most likely due to some improper configuration before the old server went away. This is the way of things sometimes, but it allows us to wipe the slate clean, make things neater in the backend (computer geeky term) and have the front end look better as a result. Expect adjustments as I continue to configure and add back in all the plugins I had in the past. It’s been a nuisance to try and figure it out, unfortunately, I didn’t make good enough notes before. Bear with us. In the meantime, expect more frequent posting as we continue forward.