It’s like having perfect sex

“Perfect sex.”

Madame and I were in the confines of the comfy bed beneath the sea of blankets and I was rubbing her back, pressing into her back with stiff fingers and she said “no, don’t stop. It’s like having perfect sex”

Perfect gift

This led to the dog inquiring to the Mistress what she thought perfect sex was. The big takeaway from her was that perfect sex is variable based on her mood, attitude, etc. I agree. Perfect sex for my dominant side if  far different than me in my submissive side. There’s also a difference between perfect sex with my primary partner (Chloe) and any other partner I might have. So, at its essence, asking what is “perfect sex” is completely conditional.

I suppose this is not unlike the question of “What is quality” and if we were to go completely Robert Pirsig on this, we’d get in pretty deep, pretty quick. It’s completely subjective.

Given my position at the time the question came up, submissive and well within her influence as my dominant partner, my perfect sex was something to the effect of…

Being completely capable and able to fuck her as hard and as deeply as she wants, without having to stop because I get too close to orgasm. My perfect ideal of this starts with us in a missionary position and moves to us in our very luxurious and, I think, favorite position of ours, her laying back, me almost perpendicular to her on my side and our legs intertwined (I’ve searched for this and can’t find an image to share) where she can touch herself and make herself cum while I fuck her. She has a beautiful cum after she uses me and then she rolls over, I spoon her, I touch her breast and she falls asleep.

This is simply one version of what “perfect” might be. And it’s certainly a version where me as the submissive would feel things being perfect. Providing my Mistress a beautiful orgasm while she uses me as her toy, which I am, and she concludes the interaction. I have served my purpose, served my Mistress and that… that’s some measure of perfection to me.


It’s a snowy day in the city. Many businesses closed, heavy snow falling in blizzard conditions. Due to my job and my essential nature (their words, not mine) I’m working a little bit today in the office. Fortunately, I have awesome snow tires and driving skills leftover from driving buses in snow country.

Woman in blizzard

But baby it’s cold outside. And snowy. And windy.

It’s also an opportunity for service, naturally. This mornings service focused on Madame and her sleepy drowsy sex. Okay, so I instigated it, but she enjoyed it and got very wet. Sometimes I think she whispers dirty things to me just so I’ll finish sooner and stop fucking her. I left for work with her still lying in bed saying “one more kiss… ” and “I can’t escape the covers!” when only an hour or so earlier SHE was the one on the phone with someone in the islands, obviously calling us to give us a great big “Hah hah!” while we wrestled with the weather and they’re in blue waters.

After work, I’ll be back home, some snow clearing, depending on how much her offspring accomplishes, but then I think rum, coke, tasty things to eat and maybe some more naked time under the covers with Netflix. If that’s not a plan, I don’t know what is.

Plateau, plateau everywhere!

For some time, I have been pursuing the oft elusive but highly desirable multi-orgasmic, non-ejaculating orgasm. I’ve had times in the past where I rode the crest of an orgasm lasting minutes. There has also been a time when, while performing oral sex, I’ve had an orgasm without ejaculating. Let’s just define this now that ‘orgasm’ means an orgasm without my ejaculating. ‘Ejaculating’ will mean a nice big spurty mess of goo.

Nothing but plateau as far as the eyes can see.

Nothing but plateau as far as the eyes can see.

Unfortunately, I haven’t studied and practiced enough to be able to do it all the time. Fortunately, I haven’t studied and practiced enough to be able to do it all the time. Let me explain.  Continue reading


Last night was a glimpse into a possible future. Thursdays are typically reserved for Madame and her pup and shades are drawn, deadbolts turned and a normally open house is closed up and marked as “do not disturb”. Of course, before we threw the

He's doing dishes

Service includes the dishes

deadbolt one of the offspring (I have to find a better name for her children in the blog) showed up to talk with Madame and then complained that she was unable to get her wireless printer working. Madame gave me a knowing glance and I went to fetch my laptop, as I knew she’d be volunteering me to assist.

I did assist, cleared the problem and headed back to our side of the house where I began dinner. I cooked while Chloe did some online things. Chicken, some stuffed mushrooms, broccoli, pesto. I served her wine and refilled for her when she told me she was out of wine.

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Fortunate one

I am very fortunate at times. There are several times in my vanilla world where I have to wonder if the universe has placed me kinky self into a vanilla situation. Sometimes, we’ll be having a dinner, friends, former roommates, whomever and I’ll look around the table and find that I am the lone male among the group. Continue reading


Wow, we don’t really have multiple days away from each other since we moved in together. As I posted yesterday, she left with me locked up, which I did not expect. I was happy to be locked when away from her as it seems the right way for a slave to be. It was also good to be surprised by it, as I like when we are unpredictable together – in good ways.

She unlocked me before we headed out for the game (Go Pats!) at a friend’s house; I cleaned it up with some mild soap and water, then out the door we went. There was a good homecoming together last night in bed when we returned from watching the game and I was able to pleasure her as she wanted for several minutes before the arousal became too great for me to withstand. Also, the lotion that she had applied to my cock irritated her inside and we had to stop.

I tend to get amazingly dry skin when locked up, I think as a result of my cut cock being kept in a metal tube and the normal moisture providing efforts of an uncut cock are not available to me. It’ll take a couple days until I return to my normal healthy self. Until that time, she’ll delight in torturing my overly sensitive glans with her seemingly oversharpened fingernails. We’ll also need to continue to apply lotions to restore my skin to optimum health. Repeatedly. and make sure it’s well worked in by massaging it in thoroughly. It’s a medical procedure, it’s not masturbation! Really, the skin needs to heal!

It’s good to be back together again. ;)

Set it and forget it?

This is the phrase that comes back to me again and again. I guess Ron Popeil did his job right with my generation and I can remember this phrase so easily. And I actually owned a Show-time Rotisserie grill. It was great to set it and forget it.

Key note sculptureBut this is a kinky blog, we don’t usually talk about cooking here. That’s not the focus. If you’d like my recipes, do let me know, I made an excellent chili last night.

Set it and forget it comes to mind because we’re talking about male chastity. My own chastity. Continue reading