Quick ride

Not much going on this morning, though Mistress was horny and played with me this morning a little. She found my cock hard when she woke up, as my body has taken to getting a woody when her alarm goes off (Pavlov!) in the idea that there might be sex involved. This was not, however, her choice of time to use her cock, so she went to have her coffee while I snoozed.

On her return, she found a sleepy dog and a sleepy cock in the bed though it didn’t take much time to wake either, though I think the cock was fully awake before I was. I also was able to revel in a brief little bit of oral pleasure as her loveliness wet my cock with her mouth to make it ready for her. It wasn’t necessary to wet it that much, however, as she was already wet and I easily slid into her as she settled herself on top of me. She rode for several minutes, feeling my cock swell to it’s thickest point, which is where it really does tend to stretch her out. I managed to keep myself in check and did not have to ask her to stop a single time.

She's on top

She’s on top, where she belongs

Time got the better of us, however and she needed to jump into the shower and then off to work. I snoozed a little more until she came back from her shower, then went for my own coffee as she took over the bedroom. (It’s a small bedroom after all. Only one of us can do the morning dressing rituals at a time!)

We made out a little more before she left and I was at the kitchen sink, naked, doing the dishes as she left. The roommates even stayed away while I finished up in the kitchen, which was nice, particularly since she took the hairbrush to my bottom for a couple cheeky remarks I made this morning. I certainly started my day off well and I think Madame did as well.

Orange to pink

This morning we went from the beautiful blood moon in all it’s ranges of orange glory and ended up with a full pink moon as Madame colored my bottom before she left for work. It’s been a while since spankings have been around, but it’s good to see their return. Naturally, I protested, but didn’t really want her to stop.

And then back to the coffee, it was, then a nice tie to put on today and off the office. My shirt is a darker reddish hue than my bottom, however.

Let loose the dogs of love

Perhaps it was the joyful wonder brought about by the coming blood moon and the total eclipse, but far be it from me to judge harshly the decision of one’s Mistress to not only excuse one spill during naptime sex, but further encourage another during “post non-apocalyptic, orange moon, eclipse still receding while Pink Floyd played on” spillage.

monumental super moon

Super Moon Eclipse and our greatest phallic symbol in the country

Or maybe, just maybe, Mistress had an inside line on the news to be announced this morning that mars has flowing water! Salty flowing water. Well, perhaps letting the fluids flow was in her mind.

Either way, as she also took her own pleasure, I’m a happy dog and pleased that we were able to share in such ways. I’m sure the rules will be clamped down on soon, but sometimes where there is one spill, there are often others, as this dog gains a hair trigger after not much denial by her loveliness.

Sit down!

Various blog entries made me look up something I read recently on the topic of men sitting down to pee. An article on Vice.com discussed the growing trend in men sitting to pee. The lead in the article is that a court in Germany verified the right of men to urinate standing up if they choose. The article then discusses the growth in men that do choose to sit to pee and cites various reasons from feminism, public health, personal health and a rise in toilet associations.

Strikingly* absent from the article was any consideration for the great surge in sales of various chastity devices. You know that when you have to worry about cloned chastity devices from China, there’s SOME kind of great rise in men getting their junk locked up. Now, I know some chastity devices allow men to urinate while standing but I would hazard a guess that most locked men will find themselves sitting for two reasons: spray and ‘assuming the position’. Few of the devices really allow free pee, so there’s always a risk of urine splashing on ones pants or shorts. Sure, there IS a plus of having the metal recognized by a bystander standing at a urinal, leading to the inevitable conversation that might be started. (This mirrors a recent post by Terri about Clock and Collar’s post where he is required to admit his chastity to strangers).

And then there’s the multi faceted question of sitting down because it’s:

  • submissive
  • feminine
  • demeaning
  • “What she orders”

Sure, one person’s demeaning is another person’s offensive gesture. That’s okay, kink your own kink.

mens room

Sit or stand – the option

Still, back to the major idea – that more dicks are actually locked up and that also pushes men to be sitting while they pee. The article doesn’t address that.

And perhaps there could have been recognition that, even without chastity, there are more men submitting to women and being told to sit down to pee at home and abroad. Myself, living in a house with three women and myself being mostly submissive, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve stood before the throne in order to unleash the doctor’s uncollected golden sample. Primarily, I sit all of the time. Yes, there’s a measure of my doing so to be able to say “I don’t know who pee’d terribly and made a mess, but it wasn’t me!” but there’s another part of me that respects the women in the house who don’t want to see that kind of spray and mess and, well, I’d like to think that my roommates secretly would be happy to know that the man in the house submissively sits for THEIR comfort and cleanliness. But I have no evidence that they know I’m doing it for that reason. That’s probably better all around at this point.

*Not quite strikingly as I bet the vast majority of vice readers do not, in fact, consider male chastity as a headline story.

Wearing the collar

collars hanging

A variety of collars hanging

I’m wearing the collar again. She left a few strings for me to pull on – some texts that said “do this… ” and I finally replied to one of them with a “Yes, Ma’am”. She was pleased and happy to have me back in my pup role.

And that evening, as we were lying in bed, we talked briefly. “Where’s your collar?”

“Where it’s been since we moved in.”

“Give it to me.”

“Yes Ma’am.” She placed it on me. “That’s better.”

Indeed, it was better. And I slept well last night. So did she.


Every once in a while, Chloe gets a feeling that she wants my other persona to come in, give her a good and thorough fucking and then leave. But, like Riker stepping down from the Pagh, I don’t leave easily. I’m not doing it to make it hard on Chloe. I’m not doing it to be an imp in any way. I am doing it because I feel that she needs to claim her submissive back.

light switch

Switch on? or off?

She knows where the collar is. She knows the words I like to hear. She knows the ways and words that will capture me back to her as he submissive partner, her slave. Sure, I know, if I’m saying that it takes that much effort, then I’m not really a slave. Well, maybe. Kink your own kink, as it were.

But I like her to take command back. And we’ve been a little bit in flux since the move at the end of August and I’m looking forward to the changes we expect to have as we’ve moved under a different roof. I suppose I’m just waiting for the demand.


As I’ve written before, I’ve practiced how to achieve orgasm without ejaculation and have had some success, but not enough practice has been done. Still, twice in the past week, I’ve been able to experience at least one really good orgasm and one tentative and gentle orgasm just through Madame’s squeezing of my cock and balls, mostly the balls. Other stimuli was there as well, but it was a great thing to experience. I’ve also been able to provide her with two wonderful orgasms over the past week while inside her and managed not to cum inside her… so there’s some major happy happening on both sides of the bed.