Soft, what gasp through yonder window breaks…

It is the Mistress… waking early. Rising slowly. Realizing she cannot return to slumber. And her hand is upon her mons, rubbing, then upon her clit, focused. Slave, roused, is exhorted to lick a nipple. Then to tug on one. Then both.

She picks up her pace. Quickened, she breaths deeply. Her legs rise, the slave assumes the most comfortable sex position in the world. She moans. He gently and slowly fills her, she rubs. A big, slow, gradual orgasm awaits Mistress as she walks down this sleepy path. She finally comes out from the wood into a field of sunshine, she smiles, gasps, runs wonderfully through the field and enjoys the orgasm that brings her here.

The slave, having been used is pushed aside as she rises for the day. He sleeps, scattered on the bed like one of the pillows or sheets, perhaps like a woman might toss aside a favorite vibrator. He lays there as she putters in the morning.


I feel so soft and squishy and so beautifully used. I’ve not felt more slave-like in some time and while it makes me quiet, I hope it stays with me for some time, in the background, washing over me. I have been well used as her toy, her slave and not word one or concern one was made of me having orgasm. It was all her, all the time, and she stopped when she was done. If I could talk about perfect sex, it would (some of the time) be like this.

Awake now, I have to drive hours from her, then back again, but it was a beautiful ride, nonetheless. I am so filled with love and service and joy in my heart right now. I feel like I’m glowing from the joy that’s within me.

Don’t fault me…

Come on, it’s Easter Sunday. You can’t fault me if, after a wonderful rubdown on me, than one by me, then a little food, some lovely music and the beautiful sunlight streaming through that window onto my naked body… you can’t fault me for wanting to stay



and fall asleep on the couch


But I won’t. But I’ll enjoy it for 7 more minutes before I get up.

Explosion of scent

You know after you’ve been out camping for the weekend and you head home and get into the shower on Sunday afternoon? You get in, turn on the shower and the instant the water hits your naked body and especially when it runs through your hair, the smell of wood smoke explodes from your skin and hair… your nostrils fill with the scent and you smile over all those good things that happened on the trip. I’ve always loved that experience, that punctuation to end a camping trip. It’s far more enjoyable than the “unloading all the camping gear into the bins” and washing all the dishes you ignored on Sunday morning punctuation.

Well, I get that same explosion of scent some morning after my lover and I have had some good fucking. Like last night. And this morning. And when I went into the shower I could smell her so intensely, so wonderfully, it instantly brought my cock to attention and I smiled at our fun that we had the night before. And that morning as well. ;)

Sure, I’ll admit that I took the soap to my cock and stroked it while I reminisced about our recent couplings. No problem there. ;)

Just another lovely reminder of the joy that she and I share, often, together.

Decisions, decisions…

Madame and I have different personal activities tonight. She’s off with a couple old friends while I am headed to a little meet up with a new friend.

The new friend is another woman whom I just recently met at another fine couple’s party a couple weeks ago.

I’m heading to meet this lovely person, have some conversations about where _I_ am in my world of relationships, where she is in her world of relationships and see whether there might be space for she and I to get together, assuming there’s a compatibility. It’s possible that, even though there’s some mutual attraction (we did make out a little at the aforementioned party) that we’re each looking for something different. So it could go either way. We’ll see. At the least, I’m looking for some delicious, fun and flirty conversation with a lovely woman.


Of course, on Madame’s way out, she said “Thanks for doing my dishes..” as she plopped down her bowl into the sink.

“Yes Ma’am, of course.”

“And for cleaning up the dish drain too.”

“But what if I don’t end up cleaning up the dish drain?”

“Well, then, you’ll be spending the night on the kitchen floor outside the closed bedroom door, naked, no blanket and no pillow.”


And for that brief moment before she continued talking, I considered it as an option. Really.

But then she continued…

“But if you do clean it up, then you’ll be welcomed into my bed, your face pressed tightly against my pussy and I’ll give you a nice fucking.”

So, well, the dishwasher is running and the dish drain is empty. And I look forward to some pussy lapping and sex later. Of course, being the Mistress, she can sometimes be fickle, so I know that, if she really wants, I can still spend my night on the floor naked. But I’m willing to make her bed and hope to lie in it.

It’s in

Last night, after all the hub bub surrounding the Sunday Supper I hosted, everyone left, the house was quiet and Madame said “Go get a plug, we’re going out.”

Surprised, I did as ordered, leaving the dishes in and around the sink. I lay on the bed, waiting for her with lube and a small plug. She came in, praised my position and slid the plug into my bottom in no time.

“How’s that?”

“Good, thanks. Where are we heading?”

“We’re heading out to meet the toy at $PUBNAME”

And thus we did. We went, found decent parking for downtown, had a beer, took the toy home, as he had uber’d his way in and wasn’t driving (wise move), then we went back to our place where I promptly stripped naked, requested permission to remove the plug, did so, finished all the dishes and soon enough, we found ourselves in bed. Once there, Madame had me rub her back, lick her pussy and pet her to sleep. Later, after I woke to pee, I clipped the leash to the lock in my chastity device and placed the leash on her arm so she could hold me tight through the evening. Which she did.

And now, I’m away from her for a couple nights, but will be back to her again soon.

So, just a little play in public that the public had no idea about. But the toy knew. He grinned and smiled over my discomfort. I wonder how he’ll enjoy the discomfort she’ll give him on Tuesday. ;)

Quick one

Just a couple minutes while the house is ready, kids are relaxed in their own spaces in front of their screens, dinner is on the stove (Corned Beef New England Boiled Dinner), the nosh plate is made and we get ready for guest arrivals, including two visiting dogs. A little moment of peace and relaxation while we wait for the busy times… then the house will be very empty again. And naked time can resume.

Madame was away last night and, since our little time apart, we hadn’t been using chastity since January. As she was getting ready to leave yesterday I inquired if she didn’t want to maybe go into higher security. She smiled and replied “Are you missing that?” I blushed some and looked down at my feet. “Tell me… ” she said as she raised my chin up, to look her in the eyes.

“Yes.. you know that.”

“But I like to hear you say it.”

“And I like to hear YOU say it too.”

“Go inside then, boy… ”

“But I don’t think that’s possible right now.”

We checked into it and discovered that yes, in fact, putting the CB on was not possible. Seems like the prospect of being locked was too much excitement to allow for being locked.

She smiled. She said she had to leave. She gave me 15 minutes to be locked up and send her a picture.

I complied, once she was out of arousal range and sent her the picture. Then, to relieve any possible overwhelming desires to unlock myself, I started the process of freezing the key into an ice cube, which was done by this morning. I kind of think that she’ll end up leaving me locked up while I’m away for work until Wednesday night, which will be a shame for tonight’s possible fun, but understandable, as she enjoys having her property locked up.

I have to say, I’m happy with it, I do enjoy it. And I enjoy this kind of play in our world. She’s very trusting and I’m completely honest when she asks me if I’m behaving. I have no reason for lying – it kind of defeats the purpose of this play for us. But then, I really do like her sending me away while I’m locked up.

Okay, it’s almost time for guests to start arriving.

Amend that, the guests arrived before the proof read, while I was looking for an image to add. Which I haven’t added. ;) It was a lovely Sunday supper and everyone had a good time!


She came back.

I met her at the bus station last night, she made good time after the flight, getting to the bus and getting a good seat.

We headed home, she was presented with fresh flowers from multiple sources and a dining room decorated for her (now past) birthday. I’d have had candles lit but I was the one picking her up, so no burning candles while nobody is home!

We made out multiple times, including outside the bus. In the car. Outside the car. Inside the house. In the kitchen, the dining room, the bedroom. A bit of a bite, as I had made chili that evening (it is, of course, better today) and some light fare. By the time we turned around it was already getting later so we headed into the bedroom for some naked time under the sheets and some episodes of The Americans. But the episodes wouldn’t play, so we tried Netflix. And that wouldn’t play, so I decided it was time to fuck.

And fuck we did. She hardly protested, but she did feign incredulity at my efforts, to which I said, while sliding in and out of her, “You know, it’s far easier to control a dog when you have them on a leash.” She reached over, while I was still fucking her, grabbed the collar and the leash. Then put the collar on. And I fucked her harder. And she smiled. And I fucked her. And she reached the clip up from the leash. And I fucked her harder. And she smiled, and I fucked her and she clipped the leash on. And then, she pulled down on the leash, pulling me down to the bed and I stopped fucking her, my cock now dislodged from her beautiful pussy.

We lay there, smiling at each other, giggling a little at these antics. She pulled my hair. Squeezed a nipple. I winced. I squirmed. We laughed. We smiled. She talked about how she was very horny the other night while away from me. And the night before her trip back. And how she couldn’t really get away with getting away with some discreet diddling as she was sharing space with someone else. I’m not sure why she didn’t take an opportunity while on the beach, but I’m okay with her not doing so, because she came home horny. And that’s good.

And I rubbed her mons, she moaned. She lay back on the bed and pushed my body around, lining me up for our favorite sex position – the one in which I lay perpendicular to her and fuck while she lays back, touches her pussy while I fuck her and she has a big beautiful orgasm.

And that’s just about what happened. I whispered to her about how I missed the opportunity to be her servant at the beach. That in a perfect world I would be naked and next to her on the beach, serving her. About how other women would come up and ask her about me and she’d loan me out to them. And it was very CFNM-ish a story telling. And she quickly came under her own hand, pulling me deep into her as she did. And then she pulled my leash, pulling me up away from that position and to her side, dislodging my cock from her pussy in the process and I smiled as my hard cock pressed against her flesh. And I held her and we fell asleep together.

And so she’s back. And she’s already using me for her pleasure. And I’m very happy she is.

Manic depressive

Okay, so that’s a misleading title, I know.  I am not Manic Depressive in a clinical sense but I’m being forced through it. Manic because work these days; due to ‘changes’ and the world environment, is manic, moving me from project A to B to C and back again in myriad combinations. I’m okay with that, to an extent, but it’s quickly ramping up to be a continuing manic state the next two months. And the head of technology just threw down some more changes which not just change assumptions about the aforementioned projects, but change the workload drastically.

Now, on the depression side, I realized a couple days ago I was getting depressed. It’s because Chloe is away and has been for a week or so. She comes back today. It’s not a big depression, but I know it’s there. My eating habits changed, my sleep schedule is completely fucked and despite the loss of 2 pounds over the previous week, I’m back up again having gained that 2 pounds back. WTF body?! Damn it!

So, the depressed part should get better once she gets back. Sleeping next to her is far more comfortable than without. We fit together so well in bed. Sometimes we spoon and sleep that way for hours without moving.

So, I go from being the sad dog face to manic employee and back again all. day. long. And for days at a time.

I have to say, I’m looking forward to spring and warmer temperatures. And more sunshine. But for now, I’ll just keep Marching through (see what I did there?) and get to April, where the work schedule will continue to ramp up, at least until May 9 when “Things Happen” at the day job.

I’m very much looking forward to the collar, the leash and the Mistress all being back in place where they belong tonight.

A hiatus

So, I’m not sure if there are loyal readers, but if you are, you’ve no doubt noticed that, hey, we haven’t posted. There’s a perfectly logical explanation for that. But not a quick or easy explanation for that. So, let me do my best at explaining.

Chloe and I got into a an argument. I won’t go into details about what it was about or such, but it ended up being one of those types of arguments which proved to give us thoughts about whether we would remain together or not. Not for the content within the argument, but for my reactions as a result of it. The good news and the shortest story is that yes, we did make it through. And we are here together at the end of it, sharing our bed again, back to “normal” and I’ve even spent a few nights collared before she ended up leaving for a bit of a late winter getaway with her bestest college friend.

Even before the argument, I had not been blogging as I had before, perhaps the wind out of my sails since Chloe had not been blogging very much and I’ve always been great at starting projects and getting them rolling, but sometimes don’t do so well with the upkeep. So, having left it to her, she was doing great before the holidays, then we both kind of dropped it after the holidays. And that was months ago! I suppose one factor in the lack of blogging is that I didn’t really feel like we were being read. And yes, I know we can’t expect to have followers immediately, but writing on a wall that never gets a light turned upon it gets tiring. And as Chloe mentioned to me in conversation about the blog, she was worrying that the blog might be getting stale. I mean, how many times can one write about collars and cleaning up this or that and the fact that we had a great fuck last night before one goes “Well, what else is there?” – both from the writer’s perspective and the readers. So there’s THAT, which is a huge consideration. This blog IS a learning experience for the both of us. The social media experiment that we are on could take a while to figure out, but, in the end, I think it will be a good exercise and I think it may just educate some folks along the way. I can hope. And I’ll try to blog more often as well – to keep the momentum going. This will be part of my improving myself, which has taken on many facets in the past couple weeks, including my weight (now under 220, which is great, but not under 200), my fitness (3 days running this past week, compared with NONE before) and my other things that are in my life (volunteer efforts, projects, etc). I’ve come to realize that I’m the only one that’s going to make these things happen and that my life is pretty damn lucky, overall, and I need to get off my ass and “do it” instead of complaining to myself and others around me about the lack of time I have to do it. Because I know I waste some of my time. Don’t we all?

So, well, I’m going to continue to post more in the coming days, perhaps give you all something fun to read, and continue with all the other things and just keep doing. I can only hope we might make back our readers from before and gain a few over time. And Chloe’s last post, which was actually posted automatically the morning AFTER the argument, can be responded to (by me) and provide some good stories for all of you.