So, I’m in Vegas at a work event, and once I landed at JFK, I made for the bathroom where I self locked and sent Madame a picture. She didn’t ask for this, or order it, but was pleased I did so. Since then, I’ve been locked at the Hoover Dam, on a naked swim in Lake Mead and a longer than expected hike through more of Lake Mead Recreation Area. Too too long a hike. The lock on the Steelheart wore a nice mark on the tube as it swung back and forth the whole trip. As I was in my kilt, I ripped it off once I was clear of the road view. Then hiked back until I thought I could see the road again. Except for the backpack, the shoes, and the steelheart, I estimate it was 5 miles naked, another 2 with clothes on.

It’s been a busy conference so far, though there are some occasional times when the content is not suited to me, like now, when I can catch a break and step away.

So, I’ve stepped away.

Overall, Las Vegas is… artificial. Completely. Nothing here is natural. If you’re not a gambler, I’m unsure of the entertainment value without spending more money. The fountain was nice, but I’m just not really entertained in this concrete city. Off the strip is filthy. Poverty is everywhere off the strip. Vegas is a great symbol of massive excess. The street preachers may have a point. ;) Also, in Vegas, a block is not a block. It’s a half mile. And those blocks add up. It’s madness how far everything is. My feet are very tired.

There are some good things. Museums and shops and all. I ALMOST stopped into a hat shop last night, but decided against it. I need Madame’s opinion to buy a hat for myself. There are surrounding sites that are excellent. And yet, most of those sites are simply the source of all the excess – the Dam and the lake behind it. Massive demonstrations of man v. nature and even the audacity of man and what we think we can do. (Cadillac Desert anyone?)

Okay, I’m getting on a tangent. Sorry.

I miss my lover and Mistress, though it’s comforting to have her steel grasp clutching her cock and balls. That’s always nice. Except at 2 am. Owwww…


Here’s a picture of Lake Mead with a naked man in it to end the post.

Lake mead naked

The dog went for a swim in a big lake within a dessert.

Travel time

I like watching the TSA guy look at the screen and shake his head. I’m amused to no end. Was it the steelheart? Other things in the bag? Who knows. A pretty benign pack this time. But something made them shake their head. At least I didn’t try and hide a thing. I thought for sure they’d ask to see my razor, as it’s a double edge safety and my reading online tells me to expect a search 50% of the time, as they look for the blades, which I don’t have.

Am traveling. And yes, I packed the Steelheart and am going to get locked up in a couple minutes, once I’ve finished with my pre-flight lubrication. By which I mean beer. Madame didn’t request my lockup, but it seems like a good thing to do. I’ll be away from her, in sin city, and will have some measure of time on my hands – which I’m filling with some extracurricular activities.

Tomorrow, we hope for pics of this dog around Lake Mead. Am going to try and make naked April happen with a dip in the water. I’ve heard that rangers are not favorable to this behavior, but all one has to do is go where most people do not go. I believe that leaves many square miles of space. So, Hoover Dam? Valley of Fire? Lake Mead? I’m coming for you! Don’t give up on that 80 degree prediction tomorrow, I’m very happy to take advantage of that. I even bought some TSA approved sunscreen! And a hat that Madame won’t mind if I lose on the journey. I did NOT, however, spring the extra $ for the convertible rental car. That was just too much. And when I looked, all the convertibles had been rented, so I’d have had to rent from ANOTHER location. Not willing.


So, let’s see if I can find a power outlet in JFK for my layover. I hear Casey Neistat is traveling today, maybe I can run into him in JFK.

Is that a naked man over there?

Is that a naked man over there?


So, I always like to be nekkid at least once a month out of doors. I haven’t even made that work each month in 2016, but I _DID_ make it happen, barely, in January. And here’s proof!

This was on our return home from a weekend of….. something I can’t recall. But we were in NH and driving back home when this lovely little driveway appeared. Turns out there’s a paintball field here, but nobody playing in the winter, so I doffed the kilt and the shirts and fleece and Chloe took some lovely photos of me while amid the snow covered ground. Boots don’t come off in the cold, that’s how the nekkid works in winter. ;) At the end of the photo shoot, she caned me, which always hurts more in the cold. So I got back into the car a little shivery, not just from the cold but from the caning as well. She gave me a few minutes to collect myself and then blast the heat in the car and we were all good to continue our drive back home. I think we missed the February outdoor nekkid, but I have some March outdoor nekkid.

One of those "This looks like an interesting driveway" moments. Ending up with our January Nekkid photo shot.

One of those “This looks like an interesting driveway” moments. Ending up with our January Nekkid photo shot.




Busy world

The world has been quite busy for me. Work has taken my to one of our other offices a couple hours away several times. Each time, Madame locks up her cock to keep it safe and secure and I wake in the night in the cheap hotel room with her cock swollen in the Steelheart chastity device. At least I know she cares about her cock. ;)

a lovely hand in a lovely pair of panties

a lovely hand in a lovely pair of panties

I’m also about to leave for a conference for work, so am headed to Las Vegas for a few days. Given the recent work schedule, my ideas of adventure while in Las Vegas may have changed from “DO ALL THE SW THINGS!” to grabbing a bottle and sitting by the hotel pool with three books. We’ll have to see which option wins. Maybe more than one?

But there is service in my life while I’m doing my service at work. Madame woke up to a lovely gentle backrub, a little bit of comfy comfy sex and some other oral service. Then she fell back asleep while I got up to make coffee and do the blog thing. With work keeping me so very busy, there won’t be much time for lazy morning oral service in the coming two weeks, so we’d better get that in now!

Also, naked time at home has pretty much stopped. One roommate returned from her winter in the tropical islands and is back. The other roommate destined to return soon as well, by the end of the month we’re told. So, we’re back to a full house. Add in a few couch surfers here and there and there’s a whole lot less of this dog sitting naked on the couch!

I’m hoping for a daily post while I’m at the conference. What would people like to hear about?