To serve wo-man

Since Madame and the roommates were up all night, then up again to recover the lost dog (I was at work – did not join the lost dog fun) at 3 am, I was up at a decent hour, upgraded some of the internet things in our world (including the host for this blog) and made myself breakfast.

Now a couple hour later, I had to wake up Madame, as I knew that she’d need to be up instead of sleeping in too late. As my lovely thanksgiving leftovers egg dish was tasty, I offered to make more for Madame and the roommate and they have both happily accepted, eaten it and I can hear them taking final slurps of coffee to finish it all off.

And so I serve the ladies of the house. As I should. ;)

Another awakening

The other morning, she woke me differently. Drowsy, I felt her hands on my cock. Then her finger on my asshole. Soon a towel was put under my hips. Her finger delved deeper. Something else was being pushed deeper. There was a plug of some sort in my bottom.

“I know you’re full down there… but I wanted to reward you for last night.”

Last night, I had a tough time of it, feeling frustrated, but I channeled it into serving her. Instead of remaining frustrated, I moved to her feet, applied more lotion to them, as she had earlier commented that her feet were dry. Naked, I knelt at the bedside and applied her lotion, kissed her feet and returned to bed. This was a victory in my turning my frustration into service to stem the tide, and it was good for both of us.

“Keep that plug in until you come see me in the bathroom and ask permission to remove it.”

She went to dry her hair, I followed soon thereafter, as I WAS very full down there and something was going to happen soon, whether either of us liked it or not!


The other morning, she woke me easily, but not too slowly. First I found her ass cheeks near my face as she pulled me into her, I kissed her there. She pulled me deeper, I licked her. She straddled my face, I licked her pussy now. She pulled back, but was still close, I inhaled her scent deeply, my cock throbbed. Her pee slowly entered my mouth. Surprised, I gulped it down as quickly as I could, not knowing how much would be coming.

When she was done, she pulled my tongue back into her pussy and had me lick her clean.

She stepped away.

She handed me a mug of coffee. I sipped. I smiled. She smiled.

“Good morning” she said.

“Indeed, good morning. Did you do something with the coffee today?”

The safety pin

I’m going to wear the safety pin. There have been good reasons posited by others as to why me, as a straight (looking) white guy and certainly part of the privileged class should not. There are valid reasons, most of them I think revolving around “A safety pin is not enough”.

But I’m going to wear it for a couple other reasons.

There are people in my circle of volunteer life that are thrilled that Trump won. They would have no problem closing our volunteer group to gay, lesbian, bi, trans and otherwise non gender binary folks as our group once was. They already know some of my leanings politically, but putting the safety pin on, I hope to make them think, as Gray Miller says in their post on the topic “let them know Oh. He might not be one of us. Maybe it will draw their ire onto me; that’s cool, that’s part of the plan. Maybe it will just make them hesitate for a moment. ” Outside of my volunteer group, I’m happy to let other people see that I might not be whom they expect.

There’s another part too, which I have no read about yet. But putting the safety pin on daily will remind me that yes, I do, in fact, have privilege. People like me are the ones that put this “no talent ass clown” into office and I need to remind myself, daily, that I need to help. Putting the safety pin on reminds me, daily, to go out there and be that person, that right person.

And there’s another reason too. I’m kinky. I’m bi. I’m pretty sure that if I were outed, my job would be safe from my colleagues. But whether my job would be safe from the court of public opinion (the pitchfork carrying ones) is a big question. I’m not worried about the coworkers, but I am worried about management getting pressure from others. It could happen. And that kind of not knowing keeps me on edge. I know, my kink is not my skin color. My bisexuality is not obvious. I don’t wear it every day like so many people do. Racial minorities don’t get a chance to be non-minority. I do. Again, more privilege. I recognize that.

What will I do in circumstances? I don’t know. I know I’m willing to call people out in public. Will I be willing to call people out in private? At thanksgiving? At the holidays? Will I step in to prevent violence? Will I put myself in the crosshairs, figuratively? Literally? These questions I will have to push myself on.

And, well, the general idea of wearing to show people I support them, well, that’s a damn good reason too. I know putting on the pin isn’t enough. Actions are what is needed. And I’ll continue to act better. I know I won’t be perfect, but I can promise better.

In a FLR…

In a Female Led Relationship like ours, she lays back on the bed while they watch football. She directs him to “make it hard and wet” and then he slips into her. She watches the game while he is facing away from the TV. She directs him, coaxes him, demands his service, denies his orgasm, then she rolls over and orders him to rub her back and give her play by play while she falls asleep.

This week, our football team lost, but the team in the bed won. Their FLR is working for them. He is denied, she is pleasantly rubbed and massaged and falls asleep happy.

He gets up to write a blog post, denied, frustrated, his cock throbbing and dripping, but still denied. His mouth tastes like her pussy and ass and he is very happy being reminded of her this way.

This is one of the ways in which they practice their FLR.

Oh, hai!

It’s quite some time. Sorry folks. It wasn’t planned. Life happened. We had a bit of a breakdown in our relationship which we have put repairs to, but it completely stopped our D/s dynamic. Then her life blew up some, my life blew up a little, my laptop blew up completely (although not like a Galaxy Note 7!) and… well.. life happened. You know all those things that happen to you while you’re planning what you want to happen to you.

In the meantime, we did finally come to the point where my long term denial ended. 217 days after it started. It turns out that she wasn’t of the mind to just make me wait until the next February 29th. That would be a bridge too far. Since then, there’s been several other spillages, several other fun times and some growing again of our FLR. I am again in my daily shackle (a bracelet with nautical overtones to the vanilla folks) but not quite back into my collar yet. I’ve had a visit from the lovely Lady J, wherein we partook of much quality time together and she got to explore some areas of Maine that most people don’t get to see. She was also my photographer for naked October!

Manning the defenses!

Manning the defenses!

I’m still in a state of rebuilding the laptop to where it once was, but getting there slowly. Soon I should be able to get to the point where I was some weeks ago and then be able to be full steam ahead.

Sorry dear readers, it’s been a time, to be sure… but I’ll keep writing as best I can.

As a consolation prize, I offer this image, only able to be taken on the off season, because when the island is busy, there’s not a chance in hell that we’d be able to get away with this! Bonus points for anyone who can identify which island we were on.

It’s coming it’s coming

Among all the reasons we haven’t written includes my good old reliable computer completely died. And it’s replacement is due tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to that and then we can start writing again. 
I love it when I cum, but I love it when a new computer comes too.