Service conflict

Well, she likes the beard trimmed tightly, which I made happen today, as she would like to see for the holidays. But then, when it comes time to clean her up this evening, as is my standard practice, the sharp and recently trimmed whiskers were far too much for her. Barely a cursory cleaning commenced before she squirmed herself away and uttered “enough, pup”. I knew why. I knew she was done.

And, as much as I may have wanted to continue, that’s not up to me. That’s not proper service. So I stopped, moved over to rubbing her back and petting her to sleep. Now placated, relaxed, she moved closer to sleep, I left her, off to finish some of the household items, prep the house for more Christmas fun, and finish up the wrapping of the stocking gifts. And maybe a thing or two she doesn’t quite know about yet.

Broader service

I find myself not just serving my Mistress and partner, but looking at some other things I do as service to others. And I know that some of those things are also easily classified as “being a decent human being (DHB)”. Especially around the holidays, I like to share the joy that I get from the holidays. And if that means letting a car out in front of me or sharing one of the random gifts from the gift bag or whether it’s picking up the roommates coffee mug that they forgot and washing it, well, those are all service. And, they’re all being a DHB.

So where does one draw the line between DHB and service? I’m not sure we need a line there. And sure, that’s a hell of an easy answer (cop-out!) for such a question. But really, why? I can do my service to others as a DHB and let it reflect on my own self as a submissive male that wants to share joy with others. And if that’s what it takes to make me be more decent, well, I’m okay with that and I think the world is better for that.

At work, we did a project that talked about giving, where we interviewed several people and ask them what it was about giving that made them want to give. To a person, there was a motive they expressed that could easily be seen as “selfish” in a different light. That they would see happiness on other people’s faces, that they were making the world a better place (better world, better for all, including the giver), that they received joy back from their giving. Every single person remarked on what they get back from giving to others. And giving is just like service to me. So we all seem to have some motivation that could be seen as selfish, but only in certain light.

So, I’ll continue on being more of a DHB. And if I call it service, well, okay. For me, maybe that’s what I need. Is it selfish? Maybe. It makes me feel good, particularly when I reflect on it. And that just might be selfish. But I think it makes other people feel good, so that’s giving, right?

Well, I’ll keep on. And I hope, as I have some time off from work, which I hope STAYS time off, that I’ll be able to write more in the blog. Hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season, despite the stresses involved. Merry Christmas folks!

Soft words

I am at times struck by how just a few softly spoken words can influence me. It happens all the time in my world. From the gentle (but rare) acknowledgment of a job well done at the office to a thank you for my volunteer efforts to the more personal words of my Mistress.

She will utter words that can easily sway where I am and what I’m thinking. Tonight it was just a few words which thrilled me to no end.

I was disrobing her by the closet, kneeling before her, helping her remove shirt, pajamas, panties, socks and she was faced away from me at the end – in the moment she became naked. I kissed her cheeks and tried to nuzzle my way in between her cheeks, but with her standing, I had a difficult time getting in to find her tiny tender spot between her cheeks. “Find it” she whispered hoarsely. “Find it pup!”

I am not sure if she realizes it, but when I was in the world of ski areas, the rescue dogs were trained to the words of “Find ’em!” when they were out looking for lost skiers – or drilling for the same. So her, my Mistress and owner, telling her pup to “Find it!” hit home to an older part of my timeline. I don’t think she knows that part.

She leaned forward slightly, opening herself up to my tongue, which soon found it’s mark and make shallow attempts at touching and cleaning their mark. “Deeper” she exhorted. “Get it in there deeper” My cock swelled quickly. Her hand reached behind her, grabbed my hair, pulled me into her ass and I did, indeed, get my tongue deeper. She did, indeed, need a cleaning before bed, and I think she knew that. She brought me to the place where she knows I enjoy things, left my cock to pulse and throb, all on its own, completely untouched.

Eventually, my cock subsided while I rubbed her back in bed. I’m not even sure she knew I was so erect, as she was simply too tired to be concerned about anything related to my pleasure or discomfort. I pet her to sleep, I withdrew from the room, I felt the wet spot left behind from my earlier arousal. And now, I’m wrapping gifts and getting us all ready for Christmas.

Busy times, but we make the time to have some joy.

I know, it’s not fair

It’s not fair that I chuckle. But while she was trying to drive home a point to me about the dish drain, my lovely Mistress used the good ol’ standby vanilla toy turned kinky and… well.. as the picture shows, we’re going to have a harder time opening and closing those mini blinds. It seems they don’t make those wands nearly as well as they used to. “I’m just going to keep beating you until there’s nothing left!”

The rod needs sparing

The rod needs sparing

And now there’s a stub of like 4 inches of mini blind wand for us to adjust the blinds with. I know I shouldn’t laugh, particularly when it comes to misfortunes of the Mistress, but it’s funny. Even she would have to admit.

I will say, I was good, I didn’t laugh out loud or fall into a laughing fit while she had this breakup with our mini blinds, but it could easily have gone that way. Perhaps if she hadn’t already had me clean her thoroughly as my wake up call – that often leads me into a more submissive state. Yeah, I think that’s the reason.

But it was funny. ;)

The morning (fiction)

We have been strained lately but not in a bad way. Sometimes, life rears its head in the face of your kinky sexy world and just prevents that which you were used to. Her world with her family was upside down and inside out. And while I was there to support her, I made our bed, made the house cozy, made sure coffee was available to all in the morning, it was still not our finest… no wait… it was not our most sexual hour. But it could be our finest. Because sexuality is not all we are about. We are a couple. We are a partnership. And we are a female led relationship. And I was happy to hold her in bed and wake up together the next morning.

And the next morning she woke before me, as usual. She showered, dried her hair, came to the bedroom, went out again. When she came back again my alarm had gone off once, I hit snooze, I was lazy. She came back again. By this time, I had started my own little wake up method – stroking my cock. I usually woke this way. Stroking my cock to hardness, snoozing, waking, stroking, repeat.

She came in during one of the snoozes and sat on the side of the bed. She pulled back the covers.

“Touch it again.”

I touched it. I stroked it.

“You’ve been neglected.”

I stroked.

“You miss my pussy?”

I stroked.

“Pump your cock for me. I know I haven’t been as attentive as I normally have, but I see that. I recognize it. Pump that cock for me.”

“Yes, Ma’aam”

“So hard. Look at those balls. So full”

I pumped my cock harder.

“You’ve been such a good boy. A good good boy.”

I stroked. She smiles. Her hand touched my leg.

“I want to watch you cum.  Cum for me, pup.”

“May I?” I asked desperately.

“Yes, cum for me. Do it for me.”

I pumped and stroked hard, influenced by her permission. Getting myself closer I looked up at her with desperation. She nodded at me. “Cum” she whispered loudly.

I closed my eyes, threw my head back, arched my hips and got ready to blow my load. I groaned and grunted and pumped harder, my cum spurted from my cock…

Her hand grabbed mine and pulled it away from my cock, my cock pulsed, it spilled, it spurted, but my hand didn’t stroke it, it just spilled its cum. This was the first time she did this and I realized it, she ruined this orgasm.

“HANDS DOWN!” I put them under my ass.

I thrust my hips up in frustration, but I put my hands under my ass as she told me to. The cum just dribbled from my cock now, spilling out on my stomach. I groaned in frustration. She smiled down at me.

“Pump your hips… do it. Do it… oh that cum is beautiful.”

I whimpered as my cock relaxed, let itself soften, the tip of my cock now dipping into the pool of cum on my belly.

“Good. Good boy. Well done.”

She stood up and looked down at me from the side of the bed. “Clean it all up, with your hand, just clean it all.”

She left the room as I cleaned it up from my hand, then came back soon and wiped my down with a warm washcloth.

“So that was a ruined orgasm, huh?”

“I think so, Ma’am”.

“That was pretty fucking hot.” she smiled. “You’re still horny?”

“A little. I could do it again.”

She laughed. “I thought they were supposed to leave you all the way horny!”

“That first spurt was pretty good. Not quite ruined.”

“I’ll make note of that boy.”

“I’m sure you will Ma’am.”

“Get up boy, time to start your day.”

“Yes, Ma’am”

(This was fiction based on possible real things)

New carpet!

Chloe has not quite felt “at home” in our new room (in the same house we were in). So we painted it, she ordered carpet, we had it installed. And now, Chloe is far happier. Our first night there, I having left work early and moved back IN all the things we had moved OUT the previous night, I knelt naked before her. I kissed her ass cheeks, then her feet. She straddled my body and spanked my ass a few times with her hands. She sat on my back with her bare ass and pussy. On my hands and knees, I adjusted my elbows so support us. She pulled at my balls, prodded at my ass, stroked my cock. I whimpered, I moaned, I winced.

She stood up a bit now, I could feel her legs against my side. She reached behind her, her hand pressed my head and I heard her say “Down”. I kept my head bowed down toward the ground. Her legs still resting against my, I felt the first trickle, it dripped down my back toward my shoulders, down to my arms and dripped there. “Clean it, nothing on my carpet” I lapped at my hands and arms where the drips were landing. She was doing this slowly, certainly not a full on stream. I lapped at my hands and arms as she let more go each time I seemed to be done cleaning the previous release. “I love hearing your tongue. Lap it up, pup!” She let another stream loose. “Keep going, boy!”

I did a good job of keeping up, she was cautious with how much she let flow. Very little ended up on the carpet. She stood completely, walked away from me and soon was toweling me off. “You’ll use that towel tomorrow after your shower, dirty boy”.

“Yes, Ma’am” I replied.

“Now let’s go to bed and you can give me a good fucking.”

And that’s exactly what we did.

Looking forward to more adventures on the new carpet.