The third

Our recent foray into finding a third to join in our world has proven, at least initially, successful. Let’s call him Mark. We met Mark thanks to an ad that Mistress posted and he responded favorably. He was among many, of course and almost got lost in the shuffle, but we finally ended up arranging a time to meet. He writes well, has good ideas about playing with the both of us and has experience in playing with couples. Like so many candidates, he’s recently divorced and also finds himself with an empty nest, so this is good all around.

We met for dinner at a place none of us had been to, had a good meal and I had a beer and a half. I admit, I was nervous for the meeting, as there were indications that if things went well, we would go to his house afterward and he’d be taking auditions on my cock sucking ability.

Dinner went well, Madame dismissed me for a few minutes so they could talk privately and we ended up leaving and heading to his place. It seems that all of us were in the mood to play and to see just what we could do.

After following him to his apartment and enough warnings about thin walls and neighbors, I soon found myself naked in the presence of Mark and Mistress. I was directed to the couch where I sat and he climbed up on his knees to see how I’d receive his cock. I suppose this brief part of cock sucking went well, I know that I was enjoying it, and he soon dismissed me to the bedroom, where I was directed to lay down on it. He wasted little time in positioning himself over my face where his cock dove into my mouth and assaulted it. My cock rose and Madame played with it as she watched her boy servicing another man. He directed me well “no teeth!” “Come on, open it up…. ” and there were assertions as to his loving my gurgling as he pounded me. I’d never really taken a cock like this before, but it was nearly inescapable as I’ve ever experienced. I was flat on the bed, he was over me, able to grab my hair and pull me into him and he certainly did fuck me. Madame lay on the end of the bed, reclining, sometimes touching herself and sometimes touching me. She delighted in teasing my cock to hardness only to have me tap her shoulder urgently – indicating her need to stop. I knew she’d never give me permission. Tired of teasing me, she played with herself while Mark continued to fuck my face; sometimes directing me to slow down to stave off his orgasm.

While he claimed to be very verbal, he wasn’t all THAT verbal. I think there was nervousness on all our parts causing some measure of quiet over all of us. Well, not true, I had little choice being unable to talk. These things happen when your mouth is full of cock.

Madame ended up having a nice little cum while watching the show, then returned to touching me and teasing me, but less earnestly now. I’m pretty sure she told Mark to “fuck his face! I love hearing him gag like that”. He complied. She had also commented multiple times about hearing his balls slapping against my face.

Kind of like this, except my cock didn't spill.

Kind of like this, except my cock didn’t spill.

The hardest part of it was getting opportunities to swallow. My mouth would fill with my own spit, some of his pre-cum, and I’d have to end up swallowing to clear the sloshing liquids. I think they both loved hearing all that sloshing face fucking. I remember hearing him give indication he was going to cum, but I don’t remember what those words were. I do remember him picking up the pace and picking up my head by my hair, pulling me onto his cock and his cock deep into my throat. By picking up my head, the gag didn’t happen, so I just held my face there as I could feel his cock pulse, his balls tighten and then the cum was easily sliding down my throat. He was so deep in my mouth that I tasted hardly any of it.

He relaxed his grip after some time, relaxed, pulled himself out of my throat and then out of my mouth. I lapped at his cock to get all the drips and drops. He admonished me to watch out for the sensitive cock head. Aware of how sensitive I am after cumming, I knew exactly what he was talking about. Compliments were handed down to me, the cock sucker. We all lay together in the bed. Madame squeezed my cock a few times gently and I just held on to the both of them and had an orgasm (no ejaculation) while between them… I smiled. A lot.

With little more to talk about other than promising to get together again soon, this cock sucking audition was over. I successfully passed. He got a good cum. She got a good cum. I performed good service and pleased the both of them. Overall, a very good time.

I expect we’ll meet again soon. The Thanksgiving holiday is in the way of more, as we all have families, but I hope to hear from him soon for a followup. He very much wants to pound my ass as much as he pounded my face, but I’m unsure I’m ready for that. And then there’s a part of me that wants to say “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be…” and that I want Mistress to simply order him “He’s either ready or not, just fuck his ass.” and we’ll deal with whatever consequences. If he becomes even more verbal and a little more denigrating toward me, I’m sure it will put me into a deeper sub space where almost anything is possible. I really do hope he’ll do that on our next meeting. Mark, if you’re out there, come on and insist on using me again soon. I very much look forward to it.

Been a long time…

Its been a long time since I blogged here. I tend to do that. Go for long spells where I fail to write and then write a whole lot. It can be tedious for the reader and it certainly does gain a loyal following, but it’s how my life is.

I could talk about work and its stresses and demands. I could talk about home life and how its going mostly well, but my world as a “Dad” might be stressed more than I expected it could be. I could discuss my kink, which is going well. And I could discuss my female led relationship, which is also going well. But to pick out a few things might make them seem more “important” or “impactful” than others and I don’t want to annoy or upset anyone by doing that.

But in essence, I kind of need to do that. Instead of writing “all the things!” I’m going to need to pick out a few things here and there and expound on them as regularly as I can. And if I’m including people in the conversations, then they’ll need to know that I’m dancing ^W writing as fast as I can and will get to all the things, eventually.

And no, it’s not a NaNoWriMo type thing inspiring the writing that I need to do, but I do think that there are times when putting pen to paper (or hands to keys) can be a useful exercise in working things out. It’s much like the technical technique of “confessional debugging” – where you explain the problem to someone else, what debugging steps you’ve tried and more often than not, just in the process of explaining it this way and the person you’re explaining to mostly listening, you can discover the problem on your own. It really works well! So, perhaps my confessional debugging of writing will help all of me and in the process help me find some peace of mind with all the things in my head. At my core, I am happy, but a few important things make me feel stressed and not entirely whole. So I’ll do what I can to bring some of that to the fore and see where I can make improvements. So, let’s hope for more writing from me soon!