Every once in a while, Chloe gets a feeling that she wants my other persona to come in, give her a good and thorough fucking and then leave. But, like Riker stepping down from the Pagh, I don’t leave easily. I’m not doing it to make it hard on Chloe. I’m not doing it to be an imp in any way. I am doing it because I feel that she needs to claim her submissive back.

light switch

Switch on? or off?

She knows where the collar is. She knows the words I like to hear. She knows the ways and words that will capture me back to her as he submissive partner, her slave. Sure, I know, if I’m saying that it takes that much effort, then I’m not really a slave. Well, maybe. Kink your own kink, as it were.

But I like her to take command back. And we’ve been a little bit in flux since the move at the end of August and I’m looking forward to the changes we expect to have as we’ve moved under a different roof. I suppose I’m just waiting for the demand.

6 thoughts on “Switch

  1. Our own early efforts for me to take on a more dominant persona (on very rare occasions) to help meet Diane’s infrequent submissive needs failed miserably. So now, She’s always in command. Her submissive yearnings are met by a lover, which works very well for us.

    sissy terri

    • She has tried seeking dominants elsewhere, but hasn’t had a lot of luck. Plus, she really thinks I’m damn sexy when I am topping others, including her. I have, in the past, been assigned to top other people as service to her!

      But she does keep her eyes open, as do I, to see if we might find a dominant that would serve such a purpose.

  2. We have our own switch days from time to time. But I think Molly would love to have a more dominant lover to top us both. Hard to find though. Very hard.


    • We have practically given up on finding someone that would top us both. It’s another variety of unicorn. Perhaps it’ll happen, some day. But seeking it through normal channels is far from likely.

  3. The signaling that happens between a dual-switch couple when they want to reverse just fascinates Me. I’m a little surprised you don’t have an established ritual for it, but maybe figuring it out each time meets a different need. Since you seem to be service topping Madame, I would think it is entirely up to Her when the wheel should turn. Would love to see a few blogs about how those transitions have worked in the past, what needs each step was serving for both of you, and see if you can identify patterns. Perhaps She just enjoys making you beg and this provides a good opportunity, and/or perhaps your begging phase allows her to transition headspace? I would love to hear more, from both of Y/you, esp. since earlier postings were lost.

    • There’s not a lot of ritual that’s really well established here in our little New England kingdom, but as far as the switch being thrown, it’s mostly related to when she gets an itch and mentions she’d like a visit from “another dog”, which is one of our codes for my dominant side. Sometimes it takes me a while to summon such a beast, but it invariably happens. And generally, all parties are happy and satisfied with the outcome. ;)

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