Put in place

Thursday night turned into an impromptu party evening. A small birthday gathering moved from restaurant to home and then a crew ended up going out on the town. Dinner at the restaurant was lovely and I spent time entertaining people, engaging, being involved. We moved to the house and I realized that this was going to keep running for far longer than I expected. Drinks, appetizers, etc. I served. I did my part but I was cranky.

Why was I cranky? I was expecting a quiet night at home. I was planning to finish cleaning up those final three bags of stuff still hanging around our bedroom, maybe watch another episode of a show, maybe do a little driving if there was some surge, perhaps work on the rope project and generally, relax.

These kind of nights happen in our world sometimes. I usually am okay with the adjustment, but at other times I get cranky instead of pulling through with the grace and aplomb expected. It’s completely selfish of me, I know. I am fully aware that, as a service submissive, as an owned pet of my Mistress, I need to be able to serve whenever she asks or demands – even if there’s no notice given.

But I kept myself in the cranky side of things, god knows why. Eventually, it came time for the crew to disappear out to town. Madame and I would not be going out with them and I was more than ready for bed. I was lying on the bed, working out some details of computer things I wanted to run overnight. Once people left, I’d put my computer out in the dining room to run the rest of the night. Madame came into the bedroom.

Kiss. My. Ass.“What is wrong with you?”

“I’m just tired.”

“Is that all?”

“I wasn’t expecting a party.”

“But one happened. And you need to remember who you are.”

“I know Ma’am. I know.”

“Get over here.” I scrambled out of bed and came toward her. She turned away from me. Despite her turning away, I heard her next words “Kiss my ass.” Not loud. Not angry. Not shouted. Three words just spoken matter-of-factly. I knelt behind her. I kissed her bottom. She looked behind her and glared. I gently pulled down her pants and panties and kissed both her naked cheeks twice each. “Good boy” she spoke, as simply and clearly as her previous words as she turned around. “You need to remember your place, boy.”

“Yes, Ma’am, I’m sorry. Thank you.”

“Now finish up, I’m ready for bed, I expect to be pet until I fall asleep.”


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