Recently, while we were together in bed, knowing we were about to be apart for a week, we fucked. She set out with an agenda that she shared.

She wanted me to be submissive, then climb up the dominant world, then drop back down again. This is unusual for us, as our switchiness tends to be slower. Well, fair enough – it’s my fault it usually takes a while. I’m the slow one. She’s fine with getting her fix of bottom world, then she’s done, ready to climb back to her throne and be the boss again. ME? I’m more a tapering off on the dominant side.

So, we made out heavy, we coupled, she took me in. I knew, since I hadn’t cum for over 3 weeks, that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with her and her inevitable orgasm without falling over the edge myself. So I offered up the dildo which is our favorite. She acquiesced, I grabbed it, came back to her and sucked it to make it wet and slid it in her. I fucked her hard with it. She enjoyed it very much. I traded the dildo for my own cock. Then the dildo again. I started getting toppy with her. She took the dildo as I started pounding her with it. She came – hard. Loud. It was a beautiful sight.

Then I put my cock back in again as she was coming down. And swapped for the dildo. And swapped for my cock. “Which one do you like more?” I asked. Dildo. Cock. “I think you like mine more.” My cock reached just a little deeper than the dildo, but it matched me on width. We fucked hard.

She never likes being fucked hard after she cums, but that’s exactly what I was doing. Then I moved from the L-position to a missionary position, my cock inside her, fucking her to frustrate her “I came! I’m done!” mindset. And she started enjoying it more. She really got into it. And me, being more toppy, took the dildo and started fucking her face with it I taunted her, teased her, made her suck it. I pounded her. I gagged her with it. I was that toppy guy she was looking for as I filled two of her holes, taunted her verbally and gave us both pleasure.

Eventually, after multiple instances of me getting close to the edge and her enjoying deeply my toppy self, she was done and ready to turn it back over. I let one of my edges get closer and ask her if I could cum. That was what she wanted. That was the turnabout she needed.

Now she started taunting. Now her words were the ones that pushed me. And now the cock left her mouth and, soon, ended up in her hand. As we turned around, got ourselves into the other positions of our world, she took control. She found her hand on the dildo and then made it find its way to my mouth and she was able to be taunting me now, fucking my mouth while I fucked her pussy. I managed to get some time without my mouth gagged by cock – I sputtered “I’m close!”

“Don’t you dare!” she replied.

I looked down at her, she knew I was closer. I stopped fucking, she insisted I keep it up. I still moved slowly. The dildo found its way back to my mouth. “Don’t you dare without asking…. ” she told me. I was unable to ask.

I fucked her. She fucked my mouth. I asked, but the cock in my mouth only made it a mumble. She knew what I was asking. I drooled on her. She told me to cum. I grabbed her other hand and put it back onto the back of my head. She held my head in one hand, the dildo in the other, she gagged me deeply as I started cumming in her. Oxygen was growing short. I came deep in her. She was already very wet, I soaked her through. I grunted, I moaned, she gagged me, I came.

We both relaxed some, laughed at our own rapid switchiness and I made my way down to clean her up after I made HER mess even messier. It was a great switchiness between us, a great release for both of us, and I was back under her thumb before I even knew I was there again.

One thought on “Switchy

  1. For what it is worth, I feel you were submissive to Her throughout the scene. It was all what She wanted, the authority always remained with Her. She wanted you to bottom, and then top, and then go back on the bottom, giving Her exactly what She wanted when She wanted it, and that’s exactly what you did. Nice that you enjoyed yourself but your jollys were not the point. Good boy!

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