We went to a movie last night. It was a long forgotten reservation for tickets for a classic movie and we made it into dinner and a movie. She got a little bit of her RLS (Restless leg) thing going and removed her shoes during the movie. During the movie, I rubber her back multiple times, helped her body relax a little and generally followed her cues to help her with feeling better.

At the end, the credits ran, she picked up her shoes and we went with the crowd, swept up in the people walking, then pulled off into the lower seats of the theater where we were both able to not be in the way. There, in front of the rest of the crowd, I helped her put her shoes on. Kneeling in front of her, I helped, she scratched my ears, it was obvious that I was helping her with her shoes. I handed her her jacket and her bag afterward and we walked out.

It was a lovely thing to be able to do for her. I hope someone was able to watch and see and know that this lovely FLR moment was happening.

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