Draw blood

A shoulder, caned.

A shoulder, caned.

The other day she was abusing me beautifully. She caned my ass, my thighs, my back, my shoulder, even my cock. There was plenty of pain and discomfort to go around. She broke the skin in a few spots, happy with herself to see blood seeping from my skin. A few days later, I felt the raised wounds, now covered in a tiny thin scab. It reminded me of our time together, her abusing me, shoving a plug up my ass and then demanding I fuck her. I smile at the recollection.

I am surprised that the skin kept itself as long as it did, still recovering from the wound, the blood.

2 thoughts on “Draw blood

  1. That tip is always going so much faster, and whipped even faster by the bumps and dips and hills and valleys of our bodies… it’s always the most vicious part.

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