She’s tracking me more now. I wear two collars. One, a lovely stainless steel shackle and leather bracelet that gets removed only for my shower each day. But this weekend she added another collar. This one, on the other wrist, tracks my movements. She tracks my steps. There’s a goal of 5000 steps a day right now. I may come up short today.

She also tracks all that I eat and drink. I have a certain number of points per day I’m allowed to eat. I also have the ability to have some other points during the week, but I’m trying to keep as close to the points allotted as possible.

See, here’s the thing. Before last year’s DO Fusion, I wanted to weigh less than 200 pounds. I…. didn’t quite make it. I was close at 203. And then we went to camp and we had summer and cocktails and beaches and BBQ and…. oh so many delicious things. And now last week, I find myself at my highest recorded weight, over 225. And that’s not acceptable to me. And it’s not acceptable to her.

So, she told me “I’d like you to do this… ” and indicated my signing up for the Weight Watchers online program – just a few bucks a month for the app to track all I eat and set goals.

“I’d like Her to insist on it.”

“Then consider it insisted on. You’ll download and install the app by Sunday. And you’ll start Monday.”

“Yes Ma’am” I replied with a smile.

So, we’ve walked a couple times, which I think is a good predecessor to my getting back running again. If I start by running, I’ll blow out my system again (legs, hip, calves) so I’m going to go with walking first. Then I’ll add the running again later. We’ve started eating better. I had a really really crappy night last night, getting far too hungry and getting hangry. I was no fun. And yet, I ended up with enough points to spend at the end of the day that I spent the rest on Vodka. 4.5 ounces of vodka. And a little vermouth and a couple olives too. Oh that was lovely. And took the edge off. And let me be me again.

I know that changing the diet will be a different place to be. I’ve done it before. I felt SO good after deleting sugar from my diet. It’s so hard to avoid, but I did it for a couple months. Oh wow did it change me. And then I fell off the wagon and ate “all the things”. I need to make the change. I’ll forgive myself the week of camp – I have to. But I’ll still exercise.

And here’s another part of it. She and I (well, let’s be honest, the lowercase she and I) are doing this together as a couple – and that can make all the difference. I was crappy last night about it all. And she was good and patient, though I could tell she was hating my attitude. And then I got better and she got worse. So the together part is very good for the both of us. I really think it can make us succeed where we’ve failed in the past. It’s a good thing to do together and bring us closer. Well, without all the inches in the way, we’ll be far closer! :)

I also look forward to, once She gets through a small procedure that will alleviate some discomfort for her, having her be more of a dominant woman in regard to detailing what I will and will not be eating and how I will or will not be exercising. And I also look forward to her using sex to get her way about it. I can easily see her using rewards of sex for my good behavior and even maybe some of my preferred funishments as incentive as well. As far as punishment, well, lack of play will certainly be a punishment! And I can see her using THAT as well. I can see her really jumping forward as her confidence rises, my compliance becomes a little easier (I have lots of food habits to break!) and we start succeeding together.

So, I’ll wear the collars and be tracked all the live long day if she wants. I’m more than happy to be that dog for her. And hopefully by the time we get to camp I’ll be less of a belly than I am now, and get into a healthier place.

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  1. If you want to lose weight, you can track all the steps you want but that is only where the small percentage of the change has to take place. Getting rid of sugar is the best place to start, and I commend you on tackling that one. The other end of this is don’t eat at fast food joints, stay away from Starbucks, and don’t eat from cardboard boxes, or cans. Stay away from Caffeine too, because that just jacks up your heart rate needlessly.

    Basically become a vegetarian, and eat a certain amount of meat like beef, or chicken…fish is great too for the Omega 3. Don’t entirely cut out meat because you need Vitamin B-12, and you can’t get that from vegetables themselves. The next thing is DON”T DRINK JUICE, it has as much sugar in it as pop does. Learn to read labels, and you will be surprised how much sugar is in stuff. My next point is pasta, and bread raise your blood sugar as much as products with added sugar. INSULIN IS THE FAT STORAGE HORMONE! Anything that raises your insulin level, adds to weight gain. Insulin is released to control the blood sugar due to the increase of fructose from sugar intake. The body has to shunt the fructose from the liver to someplace to control the blood sugar levels. Therefore it gets sent to the fat cells, and your waistline grows. This also reminds me… don’t drink alcohol. Getting rid of salt, (and sugar) will improve your blood pressure if it is riding a bit high too. This is another reason to NOT eat processed foods, and take-out stuff. Also you can buy Vitamin B12 supplement tablets, or make a Dr Appointment about B-12 injections if you were to cut meat right out of your diet, but I wouldn’t recommend eliminating Meat from your diet entirely.

    If you want exercise, park your vehicle 6 days a week if you own one, don’t ride the bus if you live in a city, and buy a bicycle. Eat well, walk, and ride a bicycle everywhere you need to go, try swimming 100 lengths in a pool twice a week, and you will drop weight in no time. Two, or three pounds a week is a healthy pace to lose weight.

    Weight loss is about 80% diet, and 20% achieved through exercise. There is a Youtube channel called Psyche Truth that has tons of videos about healthy living, and diet. There is also a ton of videos about Yoga, but I doubt you are too interested in that. Watch all of Corrina Rachel’s videos, and you will be alot more knowledgeable about this stuff.

    Your wife can ride your ass, and track you all she wants, but the fact is if you want to lose weight, you have to make the decision to do it for yourself. Otherwise you will lose a few pounds, and put them right back on again.

    Good Luck.

    • Thanks for the suggestions, it’s appreciated. We have our method and it involves and app and it’s keeping us on track and she’s keeping me in line. While I have a goal of weight loss, at the end of that weight loss is a prize from her, which is a good incentive, and I am committed to maintaining it.

      You’re absolutely right that, if _I_ don’t decide I want to lose the weight, I won’t. She can’t drive me into that. I’d cheat on the diet and sneak food and it would be bad all around. I am committed to it, I’m committed to her and she and I both feed off each other (energy and emotional, not food, although we’ve done that before too!) in our joint effort, so that’s been very helpful.

      With the good weather (and longer daylight hours!), the bike is coming out, but we’ve hit an entire week of rain, so that will wait. I’ve done it before, but it’s not the easiest of routes to traverse the town.

      We lose track of ourselves with bread and carbs and alcohol. We know that. We know that, when we go to our camp event in June, we’ll step off the wagon a little and then jump back on immediately following camp, so we have realistic expectations of ourselves!

      As a couple, we’re far more likely to succeed than doing it alone, so I’m happy we’re doing it together.

      Again, thanks for the tips! We’re already doing some of it!


  2. One more thing since I’m on a roll here. Another thing I would like to recommend if you are so inclined is to go to Google, and find an online BMI calculator. That is body mass index. A healthy BMI is between 18.5, and 25. Perfect is about 22 to 22.5. It is a rough estimation of height vs weight. It is only an estimation of things because muscle mass can change values etc. But if you are over 25 BMI you are overweight, and if you are over 30, you are obese. Okay, I’ll knock it off now. Not trying to nag, but I do hope this gives you one more tool to use to help with things.

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