Write or not…

Sometimes I think “Well hey, that’s a great idea for a story… ” and I login to the blog and start writing and then say “Well, are we just a wank fodder blog? I can’t write this. I’ll end up doing nothing but writing fantasies… ” and then I close the window and don’t write anything. But…. writing is writing. And damn it, I should write.

So, well, unsure. I know we don’t have a big audience, but I also don’t know what the audience wants. I’ve kind of done this as a “build it and they will come” thing, as well as a place to write out my thoughts, but I haven’t been doing all that.

Just unsure of where to go with it…


So, if you want to hear the fantasy spurred on by my visit to the nutritionist this morning, let me know! If you’re like to hear something else, tell me that. For now, I’ll just leave this tiny writing here in my indecisiveness.

4 thoughts on “Write or not…

  1. Hi, this is my first time here but this particular post attracted my interest AND touched on something more “writers” should talk about: when (or what) NOT to write. I think that if a situation spurs an idea, it’s not a bad thing to jot it down and see what develops…….but to your point, if all that comes out is ‘wank fodder’…..let it rest. Maybe come back to it another time.

    That said, I don’t think only ‘non-fiction’ kink is worth writing……but if an author elects to write a story, it should read like non-fiction and touch on truths only participants in the lifestyle know are genuine. I also personally believe that the story should have a point other than being a vehicle for kink. The best kinky stories in my opinion are good STORIES…….with kink in them. (Pat Califia is a good example)

    You only need to look at spank-fiction websites or the success of “50 Shades” to see there is already WAY too much fantasy-driven nonsense out there. So go ahead and write……fiction or non……just trust your judgement on what you end up with and proceed appropriately.

    Good, thought-provoking blog BTW.

    All the best!————KDPierre (Collected Submissions blog & website)

  2. Just be yourself, and just share what it’s like to live life as a kinky, often chastened, now chastened-and-slimming D/s partner. Did Madame tell you to find that nutritionist?

    I find it is often in the little mundane, and seemingly idiosyncratic details that I best grasp how deep D/s dynamics operate. And if it’s quiet, hey, by all means yes, share those fantasies that pop into your head, bet they have something to do with real world stuff somehow. We often lead parallel lives among the profane vanilla and divine kink.

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