Last night, she woke late, needing me. Needing me inside her. And she took me in, used me, pleasured herself, brought me to the edge a couple times, then she simply rolled over, clutched her pillow and went to sleep. My cock, dripping and hard, throbbed as she rolled over away from me. I sidled up to her, as best I could with my cock pushing straight out away from me, tucking it down. I rubbed her back for less than a minute and she was asleep. This was, in fact, the second time she had used me as her sex toy that day.

I rolled onto my back, stroked my cock – only to frustrate myself further. Still no cumming allowed, I ended up just teasing myself to the edge before my brain would let me relax enough to sleep.

It’s been 95 days today since I’ve ejaculated. She likes that a lot. She likes the number 100 a lot. But she’s getting restless.


2 thoughts on “Used

    • In general, I’ve remembered the “be careful what you wish for” mantra, but then, I have been wishing for the things I actually want, so when I do get them, it’s a good thing.

      I know that my release will be coming soon as she has hinted toward it and she really does love making my cum too… and after that, the good pounding that she can get from me once I’ve spilled – she really loves that.

      But, being the Mistress, she’s more than entitled to change her mind at any moment. ;)

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