Bound in snow

IMG_6512My boy’s day yesterday was filled with manual labor. Lots of shoveling, car juggling, scraping, defrosting, arranging, rearranging, prepping, managing and maintaining. He did it all. Yes, he had help as we all chipped in to assist. But I could see the extra effort he was putting in to cover my share of the work load. He never grumbles about it, he just ‘does’.

I had fantasies about a long and lazy day of being at home, and snow of naked time, of ass play, of breaking out and dusting off toy bags and getting creative with the contents. But none of that happened. Maine pretty much shut down and everyone was home. The day flew by. And….truth be told….my roommate and I decided to throw it in 4 wheel drive and do a mini bar crawl. Three beers in 3 hours was a good pace, and it was a good venture out. It’s another example of that ‘worlds colliding’ I have talked about. Such good intentions, not enough time. Or, time I end up managing differently. So be it.

We survived the “bomb cyclone” as they’ve been calling it. In Maine, we are prepared to handle things like this. We kind of get excited about it, to be honest. It’s better having my boy by my side.  Or, really, slightly behind me. Don’t well behaved dogs make everything better??

Cheers, baby. You did good!

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