Quick ride

Not much going on this morning, though Mistress was horny and played with me this morning a little. She found my cock hard when she woke up, as my body has taken to getting a woody when her alarm goes off (Pavlov!) in the idea that there might be sex involved. This was not, however, her choice of time to use her cock, so she went to have her coffee while I snoozed.

On her return, she found a sleepy dog and a sleepy cock in the bed though it didn’t take much time to wake either, though I think the cock was fully awake before I was. I also was able to revel in a brief little bit of oral pleasure as her loveliness wet my cock with her mouth to make it ready for her. It wasn’t necessary to wet it that much, however, as she was already wet and I easily slid into her as she settled herself on top of me. She rode for several minutes, feeling my cock swell to it’s thickest point, which is where it really does tend to stretch her out. I managed to keep myself in check and did not have to ask her to stop a single time.

She's on top

She’s on top, where she belongs

Time got the better of us, however and she needed to jump into the shower and then off to work. I snoozed a little more until she came back from her shower, then went for my own coffee as she took over the bedroom. (It’s a small bedroom after all. Only one of us can do the morning dressing rituals at a time!)

We made out a little more before she left and I was at the kitchen sink, naked, doing the dishes as she left. The roommates even stayed away while I finished up in the kitchen, which was nice, particularly since she took the hairbrush to my bottom for a couple cheeky remarks I made this morning. I certainly started my day off well and I think Madame did as well.

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