Dog days

Dog days of summer are clearly over. The heat is gone, though we’ve still had some humidity. And rain. Wow, did we have rain.

And rain it did on Madame today. A rough one for her due to… reasons. Not insurmountable. Not really really bad. But still, a rough one overall.

Tonight, after I pet her body and put her into a place to go to sleep, she apologized to me saying “I’m sorry I’m not a good dog owner tonight… ” and I assured her, that’s not the case and I am fine.

Dog on the porch

A lazy dog waiting for the ball. Or the beach. Or just a scratch on the head.

Because sometimes the dog DOES get to go to the beach. Sometimes he does get to chase the ball. Sometimes he gets to sit on the deck all day long in the sun or even chase the sun around the yard as he naps all day. And sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes his owner is not feeling well. Sometimes she is sad. Sometimes she is feeling beaten up by life. And sometimes the dog just needs to wait on the porch until she feels better. And maybe then they can go back out to the yard and play fetch. But he is still there for her. Much like she is there for him when he’s not feeling well or is feeling like it’s all too much for him. Like he felt a month ago.

And that’s okay. Because even though there’s an owner and a pet, they still need each other to feel whole. A pet is just a stray without an owner and a home. And an owner is… well… alone, without having something or someone to own.

I’ll be here when you wake up Madame. And I’ll still be your dog. I love you.

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