Let me just clarify the living situation to make things clear. We moved at the end of August into a new place. Owned by $ROOMMATE1, already occupied by her and $ROOMMATE2, Mistress and I moved in. We painted the bedroom, had carpet installed, set up our space in the smallest bedroom and are part of the house. $ROOMMATE1 is the owner of the house and plans to sell in the spring. She had shitty tenants last year and is thrilled to have us in to watch the house while she works out of country through the winter. $ROOMMATE2 will be leaving for work out of country this winter as well, leaving us alone together in the house.

IMG_9856 $ROOMMATE1 has left already leaving just the three adults in the house. Mistress has ramped up the BDSM side of our relationship already. After my weekend away from the house, I returned to a Mistress who was not just missing me, but very hungry, as hungry as I was after 18 days of no ejaculating. We fucked hard. I was able to keep up with her and give her the exact fucking she needed. It was hard at times, hard enough to keep her from being able to speak. And yet, she took me into her and used me. In the end, it was she who took me into her, used my cock for her pleasure, had a thunderous orgasm and let me be, still hard, still pulsing and filling her beautiful pussy with my hard cock, I fell asleep while inside her, until she finally ended up turning to her side and sliding me out of her.

And last night, she used the crop on me, she also used me again, teased me, rode me, put me to bed without relief and then woke me again in the morning this morning by pulling my collar and leading me to the edge of the bed where her ass and pussy awaited my oral attentions. She used me again, riding her cock, filling her up, giving her pleasure and then she slid off of me, got dressed for her day while I held a pillow close to me, wondering if I dreamed the whole thing in the tIMG_9765wilight of my evening’s sleep. I knew it was real when I woke and smelled her on my face.

It’s been only a few days since the roommate count was cut in half and she has really ramped up her demands. Even tonight, with just a couple family guests, I received a text from her upset that I didn’t offer to her to make a cocktail, while I, myself held a cocktail in my hand. She is right. I didn’t interrupt her conversation to ask and for that I deserve correction.

It’s been a short time, but I look forward to serving her further, serving her more deeply, being her boy… her dog. I hope to post more and give more information about it all

This week hasn’t been great due to some family issues, but her dog is being put in his place and he welcomes it.

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