On the shorter cage…

So, this weekend I locked myself Friday morning, as she is just starting a crazy three weeks of two jobs. So, while she indicated she felt bad about forgetting, I let her know it was no big deal and that it was fine for me to self lock and leave her the key. I’m away from home for the weekend and typically lock up when I’m more than a few miles away from her. This time, to test some theories, I used the shortest cage we have.

Chastity actual, me locked up per her orders in our shortest cage.

Chastity actual, me locked up per her orders in our shortest cage.

Now, this short cage really is short. The last time I tried it, I was unable to even get my head in the cage properly. THIS time, I put on my thinking cap first and slathered on some of the Eucerin cream Madame has on her dresser. It’s thin and made an excellent lubricant so that I could slide into the cage fully, my cock head fitting the apparent place where the head is supposed to rest in the cage. I slathered the cock in it and it just popped right in perfectly. The attached picture is shortly after putting it on.

I will admit, it certainly does fit closer. No worries of an outline in office clothes, less dick adjusts with working at my stand up desk and more noticeable to me all day long. It was more noticeable as I went about my day. Not that it was annoying, just that I felt the hug of the cage (and as Madame likes to say “her fist”) all day long. Even as I write this, I can feel it that way. And it’s very different than other cages we’ve used.

That said, one of the purported benefits of small cock cages is that they prevent erections. For me, this is not the case. I still had nocturnal erections and they were very hard ones. Did they appear as big on the outside of my body? No. Were they still hard and throbbing? Yes. Were the last couple inches of my cock scrunched all up and peaking/squishing through the metal of the cage while they were happening? Yes. And where was the rest of my hard cock? Well, hiding inside me, it seems. Somewhere amid the pubic bone, sneakily hiding itself below the surface. I think an iceberg is a good analogy. Or if you wanted to be more dramatic and less accurate, you could say “Just the dorsal fin of the great white shark breaking the surface of the water” (Yeah, just TRY to get the jaws movie music out of your head now! You’re welcome).

For me, a short cage doesn’t prevent erections. They were still in full force, still woke me up multiple times, still caused me to kneel at the bedside or wander to the bathroom to pee. Still there. Were there less instances? Hard to say. I did have a couple G&T during the evening and a beer watching a movie, so alcohol will usually cause me to sleep a little deeper. I’ll revisit this as I continue to wear this cage.

Would I try it with an even shorter cage? I’m not sure if Madame will like that, but personally I’d be willing to give it a try if she wanted, but I suspect the same results.

And now that I’ve written all this information down, it’s science. Remember kids, if you don’t write it down, you’re just fucking around. And fucking around is fun, but to really make it science, ya gotta write it down.

To the scientists who actually do real science day in and day out, I apologize. I know it’s more than that. After all, that piece of paper on my wall does say “B.S.” and not “B.A.”. To the real scientists out there doing the boring drudgery of all that real work, I tip my hat.

3 thoughts on “On the shorter cage…

  1. I’ve been wearing a much smaller cage for years. (https://cagedlion1.tumblr.com/image/126538562492). Mine is only 1-1/4 inches long. It barely contains the head, but it is completely comfortable. I imagine you will like it at least as well as the one you show in your post.

    On the subject of erections: All erections involve tissue behind the base of the penis. It’s much more noticeable when you are in a properly-sized cage. I don’t think it is a true erection. But it is noticeable to you. Next time you get one, take a picture of it. I did. It’s barely noticeable.

    I’m a strong advocate of the shortest cage possible. You will fit into one much shorter. However, the diameter of the cage is critical. The reason you needed lube is that your cage is too narrow for your penis. Lay your flaccid penis across a ruler, you can easily see the diameter. In my experience, the cage is optimum when it is about 1/4-inch narrower than your flaccid penis.

    Good luck

    • Off to DHGate for more experimental devices, I suppose. I will admit, I was very very happy with the Steelheart, until it started doing more of a job of pickling my cock than containing it. It would always end up coming out damaged in some way… well, not fair, often, it would come out that way. That’s why I looked at the cage type devices in the first place. It’s blogs like yours that made me start looking at the shorter cages as well. Glad I did.

      Time for more measuring and checking in on things…

      Thanks again for the reply.

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