And again…

And again we approach another new year and more changes to come in our world. She is letting me know that we’ll be moving into findom land as she takes control of the finances in the relationship. Something I am both a little apprehensive about and excited about. I think most of the apprehension comes from my not being able to spend the way I am used to and that she may consider some of my previous expenditures ridiculous. I am afraid of her words “You spent that much on $SOMETHING?” in that tone that makes me really shrink. I’ve already exposed my accounts to her, which is good. We’ll be taking it a step further and likely violating some online banking rules by letting her at my online banking – and I’m okay with that. I know I could spend better and I want us to do better together. But I’m still afraid.

And we’ll have some other changes, we hope, coming down the pike, that should improve our world. Too early to say and too early to really comment on, but likely some positive things coming our way.

And I’ll likely start out in the new year with more posts and then fizzle again, but again, I hope I don’t. Still, life happens and one of the first things to go out the window is the blog. In fact, I wouldn’t likely be blogging now if the damned markers would have worked, but they were all dried out and I didn’t use them. That’s what I get for buying knock off brand at surplus. *shrug* But what’s with the price of markers these days anyhow?

And tumblr is gone, which doesn’t affect us that much, but it does mean that changes to the blog (and attachments to tumblr) need to get worked on. And updates to the blog software as well. I’m so far behind right now. It’s embarrassing. But I need to make the time to get through a system upgrade and moving the blog from the old machine to the new. Time I just don’t have as I’m not a full time sysadmin these days. So it’s all hobby.

And there’s the PT I’m doing to help remedy some of the pain in my arms – but that’s going well and I hope to be at full capacity and better by the time Winter Fire comes along.

But that’s what I have for now. More to come, I do hope. Miss you, blogging world. Cheers.

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