Sometimes we wake in the morning, hit the bathroom and head back to bed. Still too early to be awake for the day, but the birds would like us to rise and the sun starts shining into our room. But we push back against it and go back to sleep.

This morning was like that. First she woke to use the bathroom, unintentionally waking me, then she returned to bed as I got up and also used the bathroom. When I returned, she was waiting in bed, the covers shoved down, her body naked, on her back, legs spread open and knees apart. Groggily I heard her say “take your position, pup.” I slid into bed, my body perpendicular to her and on my left side. Both my legs were under her right leg, but my legs split around her left leg.

“Get in there and do your job, pup.” Still in a haze of sleepiness, I held onto my slumbering mind knowing that the more I could push her words out of my mind, the easier I’d be able to withstand her torturing teasing. But the one part of my mind that was awake enough quickly and loudly heard the word “irrelevant”. My cock was, for the most part irrelevant. My pleasure was completely irrelevant. What I wanted out of this also irrelevant. I was to be inside her only because she wanted to feel cock. Only because she wanted me in there would I be getting hard, wet and inside her. She groaned as I entered her. Groaned again as I pressed deeper. And let loose a great exhale when I plunged to my full depth within her.

“Keep fucking” was all she said to me during the entire session. I kept slowly but rhythmically fucking her. Nothing too fast nor too slow, but my cock continued to thicken as I did so. Once in a while I would pause, breathe deep and fuck her again. Soon, I think we fell asleep. Or I did. But I was still within her, my cock throbbing, her quim pulsing lightly. Neither of us came. I knew my cumming was irrelevant to her. It never crossed my mind to ask. I was indeed very much a cock for her to have. I did not feel loved or hated. I did not feel needed or not. I did not really feel much more than her cock, that she was using, only for her pleasure and nothing about my presence other than my warmth against and inside her body was important to her.

She rolled over and got up from bed. “See, you can fuck well when I don’t talk to you” she said as she pushed her body pillow into my body. I lay there across the bottom of the bed, her useless cock now relaxed and sleepy, but glinting with her lubricant. She covered me up “nice job, pup.”

I fell asleep, snoring and snoozing while she went on with her morning.

Inside me somewhere was a feeling of being very used. But also a warmth of being able to give her what she wanted. And I really felt my role as her slave deeply. I was very irrelevant. Her cock, useful. But me, perhaps, not so much.

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