The view from here

I am a fortunate man, I know, as evidenced in Madame’s latest post. She is enjoying writing here and I hope she continues to do so. But my thoughts sometimes are far more base than hers. Especially when I am awakened in the manner I was this morning. She pulled at my collar, but I didn’t understand what she wanted. I started to get up out of bed, but she pushed me around and then pulled again on the collar, sliding my head off the edge of the bed. Now I understood. Drowsy and still sleepy, it took a moment.

Without my glasses, it was also hard to focus on any one thing, but it soon became very easy as I was able to focus on her beautiful pink rosebud as she spread her cheeks, planted that rosebud squarely on my tongue and I licked happily at it. It was a very clear image of it that I saw, her hands spreading herself open to reveal that spot to me. She was shower fresh, but there was still no doubt that I was tonguing her asshole and I went at it with gusto. She knew the effect she was having on me and, after smothering me with her bottom, she reached for the evidence. My cock was thick and heavy, fully swollen in its arousal. Indeed, she knew what she was doing. I tried to reach for it myself and she batted my hands away, so I put them under my back while she stroked me, whispered sweet somethings in my ear and brought me close to the edge.

“Time to get up boy, you have a busy day ahead of you.”

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  1. Awesome john! Would it make you feel any better if I said I was jealous of you as well? Not complaining about life over here, not one bit, but your life seems pretty fantastic too sub brother.


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