Wow, we don’t really have multiple days away from each other since we moved in together. As I posted yesterday, she left with me locked up, which I did not expect. I was happy to be locked when away from her as it seems the right way for a slave to be. It was also good to be surprised by it, as I like when we are unpredictable together – in good ways.

She unlocked me before we headed out for the game (Go Pats!) at a friend’s house; I cleaned it up with some mild soap and water, then out the door we went. There was a good homecoming together last night in bed when we returned from watching the game and I was able to pleasure her as she wanted for several minutes before the arousal became too great for me to withstand. Also, the lotion that she had applied to my cock irritated her inside and we had to stop.

I tend to get amazingly dry skin when locked up, I think as a result of my cut cock being kept in a metal tube and the normal moisture providing efforts of an uncut cock are not available to me. It’ll take a couple days until I return to my normal healthy self. Until that time, she’ll delight in torturing my overly sensitive glans with her seemingly oversharpened fingernails. We’ll also need to continue to apply lotions to restore my skin to optimum health. Repeatedly. and make sure it’s well worked in by massaging it in thoroughly. It’s a medical procedure, it’s not masturbation! Really, the skin needs to heal!

It’s good to be back together again. ;)

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