The Search

Short entry here. The search has begun. The ad has been placed. I am getting a few good replies, and many that do nothing for me. It can be awkward in the beginning. I understand that. What DO you say to a stranger when you are not certain that that stranger is even real? Or sane? Or genuine? I am all of those things. I can’t say it clearly enough….if you want me to be interested, then please be interesting.

It is amazing to me how many do not get that. I think everyone is interesting on some level, but some people don’t seem to know how to package themselves as interesting. I dislike it when a submissive writes to me, and they seem overly meek and down-trodden. Yes, I want a bowed head before me, but I want an upright personality with bright, sparkling eyes.  I won’t settle for less.

I am away this weekend, off to NYC, but I know my boy will keep the blog alive and well. I am very much looking forward to reading his post for today. His letters shall be scarlet today, I believe.

Until again………


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