Quick post

Wow, but there are a few more eyes on the blog this day and I thank you all for them, as well as thanking Paltego at http://www.femdom-resource.com/ and Tom Allen over at http://sheheld.blogspot.com/ for listing us in their blogs. Very much appreciated.

This weekend, my Mistress is away to twirl herself around for remnants of “The Dead” and those around, and have herself a good time. I am spending time with kids up at the Ex’s place and in service to her for the “honey do” list she has. So that’s my plan here.

Work prevented more posts today as did watching a classic Mel Brooks movie with the kids and ex tonight, but I have promised a post per day over the weekend and I shall deliver, whether lascivious or not. So far, it’s looking like a good weekend. Thanks folks for the clicks. It’s very appreciated.

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