Yesterday was a very busy day, as I’ve mentioned. Madame was getting ready for her weekend away with friends off doing all that voodoo that they do so well*. In the morning, I went into our bathroom to get ready for my day and also add the “A ring” to my cock, as she had already indicated the day before that I’d be locked up in her absence. So, I’m putting the a-ring on and notice these bruises on my cock and remember “Yes, that’s right, she caned my cock!” The one large bruise near the bottom looked as though it was cause by the chastity a-ring, but I know it was not. It was caused by her caning me as a punishment. I’ll put the picture of it behind this jump, as anybody who doesn’t want to see my junk should not have to see my junk, especially BRUISED junk. Click on to read the rest.

I placed the a-ring on, did my shower routine and returned to the rest of the house. Catching up with her in the dining room (she was at her computer, responding to ad replies!) I knelt down next to her, clothed in only my bathrobe and my a-ring, I whispered to her. “I am bruised.” She turned to look at me.

Bruised bits

You gotta go “owwww”

“Where?” we whispered conspiratorially.

“On your cock Ma’am.”

“Really?” she smiled.

“Yes Ma’am.” Unable to look at it, due to roommate, she reached her left hand down and found my cock, giving it a squeeze. My cock responded quickly.

“Does it hurt?”

“Not really Ma’am”

“Well, that’s a shame” she smiled again. “But the leg does?”

“Yes Ma’am, I’m still feeling those stripes.”

“Good. You deserved it all.”

“Yes, I did, Ma’am.”

“It’s good to see you’re ready to be locked up. Good boy. I like having you locked up when we’re apart.” My cock swelled more. “Who knows, I might even fuck someone this weekend. There’s been someone flirting with me already.” My cock was as hard as it could be. She squeezed it. “I could be getting fucked and you’ll be all locked up, safe and secure, not even able to jerk off.” She stroked my cock. It pulsed.

“Go. We have things to do.”

“I can’t quite now, Ma’am.”

“Oh? Why is that?”

“Well, even the robe can’t hide all this, and she’s (our roommate) in the kitchen”

“Do your best, boy.”

I rose, adjusted the robe to be as billowy as possible and went into the bedroom to change.

Later, just before caging me, she got to see the bruising. She indicated she didn’t care if she was locking up my cock with bruises on it, she was just going to lock it up anyway. She snapped the lock closed and then had me put the chain around her neck that held the key. She turned back toward me after I put the necklace on her and I kissed the key, kissed her neck, hugged her tightly. She reached down, grabbed at my chaste cock, pulled it, shook the lock and smiled at me. “Good boy” she smiled. Get dressed. We all have to get going.”


* Apologies for vague joke references to Mel Brooks movies, but we watched Young Frankenstein (That’s Frankenstein!) last night and my mind is mind is awash with a torrent of little quips from all sorts of Brooks’ movies. You’ll have to get used to esoteric movie quotes if you follow us.

2 thoughts on “Bruised

  1. Yikes …. Mistress K. does not (yet) use a cane on me. I’m sure I’d be crying like a pussy if she did. Earning those “stripes” is something that I suspect that I will someday endure. I had this dream … it was as scary as it was thrilling/erotic because I was in an unknown location, standing and bound by my wrists, ankles and scrotum to the wall, arms above my head, legs spread. In my dream Mistress was thanking me for what I was about to endure. She said “only 10 more hours my darling. I’m so proud of you so far but the rest will be more challenging for you”. Then I heard a cane drop to the floor …. then I woke up. I was terrified. Panting and sweating. Just terrified. My subconscious instinct was to roll over, hold Mistress and thank her for the pride and praise she gave me in my dream for what I was abut to endure.

    I can’t imagine (I suppose) having my cock caned. On the hand though, I might serve as a lovely reminder of your Mistress while you are apart, and how much she loves you, especially if she winds up fucking another man while you are at home, caged and bruised.

    Love you blog! Thank you.

    p.s. …. I’ve been meaning to ask, there is a picture that occasionally (I’m sure is chosen randomly by the blog site) pops up at the top of the page. It is a close up of a beautiful pairs of eyes from a woman. Is that an actual picture of your Mistress? That picture is stunning!

    • Please be sure to let your Mistress know that I can easily ship her a cane or three for your use. ;) I’m happy to share. (I make them, they’re easy to make – nothing fancy, just a plain cane – all one needs to make a subby jump).

      Your fantasy/dream scene is one I’ve thought of before as well. To be objectified and bound for a long period… to be caned for part of it – well…. wow. I’ve thought of the scene in the Beauty trilogy where Alexi, I think, is mounted on the statue and left their until morning. Very very hot and something I’m considering trying to replicate next summer for our June event we attend.

      Canes can be intense, absolutely. I was once the subject of a scene wherein I endured 1000 cane strokes. Obviously, one can be sliced open with certain canes and certain cane intensities in just one stroke, but the 1000 cane stroke scene was one I had tried before and failed, but then tried again and succeeded. I bled as a result. I had marks all over me. It was almost madness. I may still write about that scene.

      As far as the bruises on my cock – I can’t see them anymore. My chastity device is hiding my cock – I cannot see it, nor the bruises upon it.

      And as for your PS, all the images in the header of our blog are those of us. They were taken by a photographer named Scott Church.

      Thanks for reading us! We love all the people who are reading us! :)

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