Fortunate one

I am very fortunate at times. There are several times in my vanilla world where I have to wonder if the universe has placed me kinky self into a vanilla situation. Sometimes, we’ll be having a dinner, friends, former roommates, whomever and I’ll look around the table and find that I am the lone male among the group. Sometimes I’ll look to Chloe and I’ll get a knowing wink or nod from her, indicating “You’re a very lucky dog, you know” and without words, I know what she is telling me. Sometimes we’ll be standing around in the kitchen and she’ll whisper to me the same thing and I’ll nod and smile and sip my wine. Okay, sometimes perhaps I’ll feel a little extra bloodflow in some areas of my body.

I also find myself in my new living situation, having moved in with my lover, partner and Mistress (all the same woman, mind you) where I have great opportunities for service. A recent morning found nearly an inch of light fluffy snow and I went outside early to shovel and to clean off the cars. I shoveled the light snow, plowing it to one end of the driveway with two shovels as it was so light. After clearing with the shovels, I started in on the cars, Mistress’ first, then mine, then cars of the others in the building, both women. Yes, I was able to provide service to 3 women in one shot, very easily, very simply and I thought to myself “Yes, I am a lucky dog indeed.” I finished removing the snow from the cars and driveway with a smile on my face. Chloe noticed the smile and my good mood and inquired, but I just told her “All set with the cars and driveway. And I think I found a blog post under all that snow while doing it… ” She pressed, I demurred, as I am wont to do when my thoughts are not entirely formed.

I find this happens often in my life and I am fortunate for that. While the great fantasy of many submissive men is to be surrounded by Mistresses all dressed in PVC and high boots while they are naked (okay, I can think of that one too) there is far more to my own submissiveness and service than being surrounding by “Twue ultimate dominate women” while I grovel (I don’t really grovel) at their feet. No, there’s more to it, where I can be surrounded by 6 women at a dinner event and easily find joy and beauty in simply refilling their wine glasses of my own accord with my Mistress smiling from across the room at my service. My service obvious to her and I, but the others completely oblivious.

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