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What a whirlwind of a weekend! A wonderful, action packed, adventurous weekend in New York City.

I was very very fortunate to be on the receiving end of an amazing weekend that included exclusive tickets to two amazing events. Our weekend was filled with town cars, private drivers, the finest of food, $500.00 bar bills for the cocktails we had before dinner…..stuff that is so far out of my league on any kind of regular basis. My vanilla  roommate and I (female) were invited by friends of my brothers to join them for a city weekend, and we did. Once there, we didn’t pay for a thing, we didn’t have to do anything but go along for the ride and accept whatever elaborate cocktail that was placed in our hands.

I mentioned earlier that it was a weekend of twirling. We went to Madison Sq Garden to see the Dead and Company. I have seen the Grateful Dead probably close to 80 times since 1983 so this was very much up my alley. If anyone is interested to know, John Mayer killed it with the Dead. Amazing. I was blown away by the energy he brought to the band, and the show they produced.

But back to the stuff I was talking about…..

After the show, four of us found our town car, and piled in. But 3 of the men we were with parted company with us and headed to a sort of bath house. Not the kind of bath house you can simply google and make a reservation, but the kind you have to know someone who knows someone in order to get the secret address. These three men had outfitted themselves nicely for the Halloween show, including professional make up jobs (one was the “joker”, the cosmetics were spot-on). They headed to the bath house in order to be ‘rejuvenated and restored’. What did that mean, I asked? My host proceeded to tell me.

It means you walk in the door of such an establishment, and you enter a whole new world. Beautiful women (you pick how many) descend upon you, and they pamper you from head to toe. They will bathe every inch of your body. They will massage every inch of your body. These petite women will walk naked on your back, digging their toes into the achy parts of your muscles. They will give you a haircut, they will give you a hot shave, they will spot clean and press your clothing. They will suck each others tits if that is what you want. They will suck your tits if that is what you want, and I am certain that is only the start.  You leave when you are ready. You leave with having received what you want to receive. You spent as many hours as you want in extraordinary luxury.

My host told us that he had considered bringing all of us to this bath house. The establishment is not male exclusive (which made me like it all the more!). He told me that he had thought it could be a nice treat for us to experience after nearly 5 straight hours of dancing at the Garden. I wish he had. At this point, we were 30 minutes from the city, but my mind was back in that bathhouse.

I know places like that exist. But they aren’t normally on my radar. I live in Maine. We simply don’t have places like that that I know of. And if we do, I am certain they are not of the caliber of NYC.

My mind wandered, inspired by the images I was creating. I have spent much time since them, coming up with a fantasy about a bath house that has an equal number of female to male clientele. I would have my boy work in an exclusive bath house. Oh, if I could only get him to do an internship at such a place! I smile knowing that such opportunities probably don’t exist. I have had a thousand images of my pet rummaging through my mind….working hard, massaging, rubbing, pampering his clients, providing whatever service they desire.

I was not at a bath house this past weekend, but I was indeed pampered and attended to by a host of lovely, good men. We were fawned over. They made sure we lacked nothing. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was real. And I loved how my mind wandered.

And, I loved most knowing I was returning home to more of such pampering. I have my very own bath house attendant. He will massage me naked whenever I command. He will pamper any part of my body I tell him to pamper. He will place any cocktail I desire before me. He will serve it to me wearing my collar, on his knees if that is what I wish.

I love him. He loves me. You can’t buy that kind of service at a bathhouse.

How lucky am I…….

Tomorrow I will talk about the search for an additional submissive and how it’s going. I have a lot of emails to sift through, which is great, but this is about quality, not quantity. Stay tuned.

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