While I am away…..

My dearest pup,

By the time this entry gets posted, I will be gone. I will be far away, where the weather is warm, the sun is abundant, and the drinks are cold. I will miss you. I am happy to be spending this time with my young adult son (and another mom and her son), but I will miss you.

One thing I do remember from the only time I went on a cruise was that the service was spectacular. I have no doubt that my mind will be filled with thoughts of you as I am surrounded by so much service. But the service I get from you is the service I love the most, and I am expecting that to continue while I am away.

I am outlining here, in this post, exactly what I am expecting of you while I am gone. You and the work you do while I am gone will be inspected, graded, judged and evaluated. You will be treated accordingly to those findings. I expect you to excel in all that you do. You are a good boy, exemplary at the service you provide me. I do not expect this to change in my absence.

While I am gone, that beautiful cock of mine will be locked in its cage. It will remain locked until next Thursday. It will not be unlocked before then, unless a medical emergency demands it (but lets avoid any of those, shall we??).

You will wear your collar each and every night of sleep. You sleep better with it anyway, pet.

You will do chores and provide things while I am gone. In no particular order, you will complete the following:

I expect to come home to a clean set of sheets on the bed, including all pillow cases.

You will have gotten yourself a haircut. You know my requirements…..it needs to be long enough in the back that I can grab a handful of it if I want to. But get a good haircut. A littler shorter is ok this time as it will compliment your emerging winter beard.

You will remain well groomed. I want your facial hair to get extra attention as the ‘growing in’ phase can be a bit scruffy looking. Take extra care, and it will look better. I will be inspecting you.

Keep my11409837736_f29144b949_z cock and balls cleanly shaven. I like the sound that is generated when my bare hand slaps those parts.

You will wear a butt plug while you are getting your hair cut. You chose the size, but you will wear one.

You will wear a butt plug while you are spending a short amount of time in the basement. Only a few weeks ago, I spent a good deal of time down there, making the laundry area nice, sweeping, making it better. That work has been undone due to the removal of the tank. I want it fixed. I want the floor swept. You will wear a bandanna on your face when you do this. I want it decluttered. It should not take you long, and perhaps the wearing of your plug will motivate you.

Please find an appliance repair person to fix the dryer. Do your best, pup.

I have tasked you with backing up my computer, cleaning it up a bit, getting stuff on the hard drive. Thank you for this, pup. I know you are good at such things.

Finally, you will be gone on a play date when I return from my trip. I normally would not allow this on the day of my return, but the person you are going to see for a night is very much a part of our intimate circle, and in particular, your intimate, select circle. I would like to think that all of the things I am requiring will serve Her as well. Be a good boy for that visit; take your beatings well, provide superior service and make me proud. You are generally very good at this.

But before that Thursday trip, make sure there are the basic staples in place for my return home. Things for coffee, some fruit, cheese, hummus, the basic things I like to have on hand. Chilled white wine. You know better than anyone what I like. Make sure it is in place, pup.

I do not believe I have over tasked you, pet. I want you to have down time too. I hope you enjoy some time to yourself. I will miss you very much, but I will be most happy to return to you.

And when I do return, I begin the process of meeting the few from my ISO list, and we shall see how that goes. You know what this will mean for you, yes, my lovely??

Begin your ass training, pet, as you shall need it.

I love you more than words can say. Until soon, pup….




8 thoughts on “While I am away…..

  1. Don’t procrastinate on all Madam’s tasks, boy. I know you are a busy boy but I want you well rested, focused, and at full capacity ! Our time together is rare and I intend to make the most of it. Madam wants you in anal training? I’m sure I can find ways to support Her goals.

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  3. Love the list. Specific, but also a tiny bit of flexibility (in places, lol!).
    The butt plug is useful in keeping one motivated, i’ve found from personal experience. sara

    • When I’m more used to it, the plug isn’t that bad. But it has been a while since we did a bunch of anal play. To be honest, she’s always been able to hold a plug longer than I, but I have a feeling this will be changing. :)

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