I’ve been finding it interesting how attractive it’s become to simply squat. And more often than not, the attraction is when I’m squatting unfettered by pants. Squatting in underwear can be pretty comfy, a kilt is great and naked is best.

I squat now when I start my shower, getting the water set at the right temperature, as our shower valve is a bit of a gamble on any morning. I squat when I’m in the shower in order to clean the bits below the waist. I squat to find my clothes for the day, as Madame has the upper shelves of the closet and I have the lower. And sometimes when out and about in the kilt, I’ll find a spot to pee and squat to do so; this works whether I’m regimental or not, which is handy. Naturally, there are times when I’m servicing Mistress where squatting seems to be the proper way to get the right height or angle on the action being performed.

It’s different than kneeling. Kneeling is more static and in some ways easier. Squatting requires constant adjustment of balance. When engaged in more coupled activities, balance can be half the battle. It also completely exposes my genitals, they hang when squatting like no other position. Kneeling, they’ll rest against my thighs. Standing, the same. But squatting, there they are, just dangling, exposed. Indeed, it’s very freeing – letting them simply hang on their own, that rarely happens in any other way.

Squatting uncut man

Squatting man bound

Why do I like it? I think one of the aspects is that it seems a bit primitive, more animal like. It’s basic. Before we all put on clothes, there’s no doubt we squatted far more often. Before we all sat in chairs all day we moved a lot. We sat rarely. We squatted for our bodily functions. We squatted around the fire. No doubt our thighs were mightier than they are now (generally) and squatting was a big part of it. Is squatting less civilized? I wouldn’t say that in certain countries where a sitting toilet is rare to find, but certainly it calls back to our primitive history. It also allows the man or animal to remain ready, still tensed and able to react, whereas the kneeling or sitting man is less prepared to react.

For me, it does bring me to this animal that I sometimes am. It makes me lower than my Mistress and I love when her hand is in my hair as I squat. Of course, I mention this and now I expect that I’ll have a little more exercise in my future at the hands of my Mistress as she reads this.

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