The dirty dog in the basement

As I was assigned by Mistress, I’ve been working on my chores. Last night, I spent about an hour in the basement cleaning it up. It’s true. She had spent some time with my help making our laundry area much neater and useful and someone came in, took out the old boiler (cast iron!) and the old oil tank and left us one heck of a mess. I suppose with “free” you get what you pay for (although, we don’t own this, so we didn’t really have the option to pay). The fortunate part of the event is that our roommate left for the evening with only a vague hope of returning, as she is very good about sober driving. She even borrowed my thermarest and wool blanket in case she needed to crash in her car. So, I had the house to myself.

I descended into the basement, collar on, bandana for a dust mask, wearing flip flops and leaving some clothes on the basement stairs “just in case” somebody showed up. Oh, well, of course, I was wearing my chastity cage too. That’s a natural thing while she is away. And, true to her orders, I was wearing a plug in my bottom. I’m pretty sure it’s an older version of the Tantus Ryder plug, but, since ours is orange and the base is slightly more flared, I’m not 100% sure. It’s a rather comfortable plug to wear, overall.

I worked down there for about an hour, sweeping, moving, sorting, sliding things around and, in general, making the basement which stores things that are not ours, a much more workable and clean space. Lighting has been restored to where it was before the furnace was removed, a bag of trash, dust, ash, soot, etc was moved up to the mudroom for placement in the trashcan out front and the space is much better. And yes, I thought of previous posts as I was squatting on the basement floor to sweep up into the dustpan the trash and dirt.

And then I came upstairs, removing my flip flops on the way. And there was a stripe showing the clean versus the dirty. My hands were filthy. I was, in fact, a mess.

Dirty Hand

Dirty Hand

I left a fan running downstairs to suck out all the dust in the air down there. Fortunately, it’s a little warmer this November than in the past.

I showered, not having to take off all that many clothes. Naked work is such happy work! :) The water in the bottom of the tub was filthy. There was no part of me that was not covered in dirt, dust, filth. I washed thoroughly. The water was so dirty that I held the plug in my ass longer, just so I didn’t end up dropping it in the filthy water at the bottom of the tub! Finally, removing the plug and washing my ass, I got that little tickle in my nose telling me “Oh, yeah, hot steamy shower makes the nose flow… great ” SNORK!!! Dear mother of flying spaghetti monster, but that foul black snot that exited my nose… jeezum! I haven’t had filthy snot like that since I worked Renaissance Fairs! Okay, finally clean and rinsed, I was out of the shower, dried and back into the rest of the house where I now sit nearly naked, save my wrist collar, my chastity device and a pillow supporting this laptop on my lap as I write. It’s a nice little preview of how things will be once the last roommate heads off to the islands.

And I get to mark at least one item off of Mistress’ list!

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