Pressure builds

She’s been gone since Friday and I’ve been locked since then. I haven’t ejaculated since September 23rd, though I’ve had orgasms since then. But orgasms without ejaculation do nothing to stem the tide of arousal. They’re great, feel wonderful and are oh so amazing, but damn it, I’m still horny after one.

Pressure builds

Pressure builds

And now, at home, alone, no Mistress, no key, already horny. I decide I’ll do more chores. First, outside, I rake the leaves, dressed in only my slave pants and a t-shirt. Then I come inside and clean the tub, naked and plugged. Like I cleaned up the mudroom yesterday, also plugged. And with the roommate gone, I’m wandering around naked doing other chores too. Because, well, I can be naked!

And here I am, having been plugged and horny and wet in the shower. I was shown earlier today a picture of another woman wearing the key to my chastity device around her neck, dangling between her breasts. My Mistress has the other key, in Central America or on some cruise ship miles at sea, I last saw THAT one around HER neck. I’m set to be loaned out for the pleasure and amusement of the other woman Thursday, as she is traveling nearby and we have a relationship of friendship and play. And one of previous service, where I was sold to her for a weekend at the mere price of 30 pieces of silver. My Mistress left one real order for that encounter – don’t let him cum. But other than that, outside our normally negotiated limits, there are none. And I have the strong feeling I’ll be put to service – hard service – teased and then locked right back up and sent back to my Mistress. If I even get unlocked.

It’s all almost exactly what I want in my world of sexual service. And I’m horny beyond all thinking about all of it. I so desperately want out of the cage. I so want to cum. I want to spew. I want cum dripping off the fucking ceiling. I am ready to blow, so completely, so hard, so violently. And. I. Know. I. Can’t! It’s not going to be possible. I am pathetically horny.

But that’s okay, what do I do? I share text messages with another potential partner who wants to play and I talk about plunging my cock into her. Because I’m not horny enough yet. I might just be my own worst enemy. And I might be my worst torturer. Damn it.

4 thoughts on “Pressure builds

  1. Who is the woman on the cruise ship and the playmate that you want to plunge into? Have i missed a post that explains this? I know your Mistress is away but didn’t think she was going with someone else in the lifestyle so how did this all come about, and one last thing what are your agreed rules/limits? any info i would greatly welcome as would other readers i bet


    P.s do we get to see the picture of the other woman wearing the symbol of your ownership?

    • Woman on the ship is my mistress.

      Another woman holding a key is not yet named. I will ask her about that.

      Woman I want to plunge into is yet another unnamed woman. But that has yet to sort itself out and cannot happen until mistress (who is on a cruise) lets this boy have some release.

      Sorry for the confusion. I was so disjointed by the horniness last night that the post may not have made as much sense as I wanted it to.

      • Don’t apologize i cant speak for everyone but i know i can safely say that i enjoy your posts
        As long as they keep on coming then no complaints from me lol


        • Thanks. That’s great to hear! Glad you’re enjoying it.

          Sometimes the cast of characters in a blog can be very confusing. I know I can get confused when I am reading others blogs.

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