Catching up and Inspecting

Sometimes I find out more about what my boy has been up to by reading this blog than by talking with him. I smile broadly as I write this, knowing that john is not a huge talker, but oh, how he loves to write about details sometimes!!!

I am back from my trip, and I am glad to read all he has posted in my absence. I was quite surprised to learn about his medical issue, and all that transpired and lead to the removal of his cock cage that I ordered to be in place. I know it must have been substantial if it caused him to break through a lock. And it was.

I am glad he is ok. I think we have learned from this. Learned more about our bodies and how some of the play we do impacts us.

I have not yet inspected the chores he was ordered to complete. I got home at about 10:30pm last night, and didn’t do anything other than to fall into bed after 13 hours of travel.

I agree with john; we need to talk about how we refer to others in this blog. In general, I don’t like to name names of other people or places, as identifying those things has little to do with the purpose of writing. I spent a good deal of time texting with the woman he was going to go see last night, as I was just getting caught up on the medical stuff that prevented him from seeing her.  I am disappointed for both of them that their date could not take place. I enjoy placing john in this woman’s very capable hands, and I want to write about this part of our relationship and our occasional group dynamics.  I will do that. Just not today. Today, I need to get caught up, I need to get in the shower and get the salty gulf waters out of my hair (oh, how I don’t want to!). I need to head into the office and then I need to come home and spent time with my boy, making sure he is healing.

I also need to thoroughly inspect the chore list I left for him while I was away. He knows that certain pieces of furniture are his responsibility to be kept dust free (or relatively so). One quick look around tells me that he might be slacking in this department, but other than that, I am feeling pleased at all he accomplished.4383468427_298da33807_z

I also need to start meeting the few I want to meet from my “ISO” post. I very select few have piqued my curiosity, and now its about setting up coffee/beer dates. Will I like them? Will they like me?? Will they want to be a part of our world to varying degrees? Will they be willing to serve and play as I seek?? We shall see. The hunt continues. Stay tuned.


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