The meet

So, this weekend we took a lovely little trip to a nearby restaurant to meet “T”. He was engaging, funny and interesting. We quizzed each other on our questions that Madame had us prepare, which was excellent of her to do. It was like our own little game of icebreaker.

Back in the corner we were able to chat about that which we wanted to chat about without fear of interruption. I watched two sittings come and go at the table next to us, both of which were oblivious to our conversations.

I understand that he has some schedule conflicts for the week, so it’s not likely we’ll see him again this week, what with Thanksgiving and my parental duties this weekend. But we look forward to seeing him again in the future.

We did head back to his place for an after dinner drink as well, so we got to get some insight into his world, which was very nice of him to do. Perhaps he hoped for more, after all, inviting the date back to the pad after dinner is tried and true, is it not? But we were fine with visiting the lovely home and peering around the corner from the right window to catch the water view. Hey, I’m not bemoaning that, after all, Madame and I had a water view that was only from a certain position in the bed… So I get that!

We seem to have much in common and some very good compatibility. I hesitate to say more as I know that he reads us religiously and is probably wondering just what we’re going to say. And wondering about what EACH of us are going to say. And I’m going to be a little bit of a tease and not reveal that much. But I do think we have more meetings within us and I look forward to that, very much so.

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  1. yes, it can be a little awkward when a prospective playmate knows you have a blog….. What’s even worse is when someone who is a prospect or partner learns you have a blog after you’ve written about him. Ouch! Been there and embarrassed by that!

    hope all develops well!


    • Our key, which we haven’t really discussed outright, has been honesty with people. In all our interactions with our kinky friends, if we’re going to write about them in more than a passing fashion, we ask them how they want to be addressed within the blog and whether they have any problems with us doing so.

      Thus far, since we don’t reach very far or wide, we don’t seem to have any problems. But both of the meetups that Madame has been on, they both knew about the blog and had read us in depth before the meeting. So they do, in fact, have us at a bit of a disadvantage, in some ways.

      It’s always interesting when real life and BDSM life intersect, or when vanilla clashes with BDSM (he said with a raised eyebrow)… but as with all the things we’re dealing with, communication helps it all. :)

  2. Yes, this is true, but we are committed to being honest, and people know that. I feel we are careful, but then I suppose too that if it doesn’t get awkward once in a while, it wouldn’t be real. ‘Cause face it, life can get awkward at times. :-)

  3. I am so incredibly intrigued by this string of stories about Ms. Chloe seeking an additional sub. I guess I can admit that I do desire, or think I desire, that my Mistress K. would want to find the very same thing. Thank you both for sharing your adventure. Sitting on the edge of my seat for more.


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