After dinner T

As I write this…

She is in the bedroom, having given T a spanking, his first, I think. She used a paddle, her hand, another paddle we have. She used a wartenberg wheel on his skin. And I’m not sure what else.

But I washed up the dishes after dinner, cleaned up in the kitchen, put the house back after a lovely dinner that T and I put together (Some pork tenderloin, rice and salad for those interested). T brought some of the ingredients, some wine, and his lovely self, to make our party this evening. He’ll be away the rest of the week it seems so tonight was the opportunity. It seems to have gone well. I’ll learn more later, I’m sure, but I’m not sure I’ll post more, as I know T reads the blog (but doesn’t comment!) regularly.

It certainly is another step into our future. And an interesting one. I’m optimistic. I smile.

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