T time indeed.


John was correct in his post yesterday; it was lovely indeed to have ‘t’ over to our place, visiting us where we live for the first time. t seemed comfortable, so very soon after his arrival, and after john got home and changed into his naked, collared self, t was instructed to join john in that nakedness.  Two naked submissive men, working together to cook our meal. How lovely.

I really, really enjoyed being home, having this night unfold the way it did. Our place has an open concept so that the sitting area and kitchen area all flow together. I was sitting at the long table, doing some writing, and was able to look up and see john and t in the kitchen, working as they were. Two naked, male forms. They chatted easily, occasionally brushing so closely to one another, I wondered if their bodies touched. They do not have permission to touch one another in any intentional way without my directive. Working in close proximity, sure…it happens, but that is not what I am talking about. I have yet to determine what might happen between the two of them. I am more interested in seeing how it all fits together. Chemistry is nearly everything for me. I am observing that first and foremost. The rest is to be determined.

I very much enjoyed that t brought wine, things to contribute for dinner, etc. That is part of the fitting in. He will be trained in what I like. john will help with this. I’m not hard to figure out. I just have my ways, and I am particular about them. That’s all. :-)

Yes, the spanking. How absolutely lovely to administer a spanking to a spanking virgin. I did not know he had never been spanked before. This is all new to t. I love his enthusiasm, his interest and open curiosity. The spanking helped us round a corner. I have a streak of sadism within me that I have to keep in check, not wanting to overwhelm someone new. When I see someone wiggling and groaning, it makes me want to do more, evoke more. I like it! t did some of that wiggling and groaning, but overall, he was very well behaved. And I was too. He should thank me for that, I think. :-)

I like t. I like the possibilities. I like that he is open and happy to experience what we have to offer. He seems to be here for the service and for the fun of that service. It makes introducing him to it all the more fun.

On another note, it was strange to not blog for the days I was not blogging. I missed it. I’m glad to be back. More to come.



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