It’s a snowy day in the city. Many businesses closed, heavy snow falling in blizzard conditions. Due to my job and my essential nature (their words, not mine) I’m working a little bit today in the office. Fortunately, I have awesome snow tires and driving skills leftover from driving buses in snow country.

Woman in blizzard

But baby it’s cold outside. And snowy. And windy.

It’s also an opportunity for service, naturally. This mornings service focused on Madame and her sleepy drowsy sex. Okay, so I instigated it, but she enjoyed it and got very wet. Sometimes I think she whispers dirty things to me just so I’ll finish sooner and stop fucking her. I left for work with her still lying in bed saying “one more kiss… ” and “I can’t escape the covers!” when only an hour or so earlier SHE was the one on the phone with someone in the islands, obviously calling us to give us a great big “Hah hah!” while we wrestled with the weather and they’re in blue waters.

After work, I’ll be back home, some snow clearing, depending on how much her offspring accomplishes, but then I think rum, coke, tasty things to eat and maybe some more naked time under the covers with Netflix. If that’s not a plan, I don’t know what is.

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