I am not pleased.

Dear pup of mine….
I find your service to be lacking this morning. I went into the bedroom to get dressed after you had already left for work and found my clothes from yesterday still on the floor. Bra, panties, top…all of it, on the floor.

I know I asked you for a few minutes of technical help this morning, and you were a good boy for providing it. But this does not exempt you from you duties and chores. Leaving my clothing on the floor is not permitted, and you are going to be punished for it when you get home tonight.

This might be unfortunate for you, for I am feeling especially sadistic these days.

I am going to have to start getting you up a bit earlier than I usually do if you are struggling to meet your morning obligations to me. Tending to me for a part of each morning is expected.

Do not make me remind you of this again.

Do you understand me??



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