On denial

There are as many ways to enjoy tease, denial and chastity as there are people who enjoy practicing it. Some just want to be teased for a few minutes before they cum. Some want to be teased a denied and never expect to cum ever again. Some want to have their cock locked up for no more than an hour or three, maybe a work shift, and some want rivets used in their chastity device. Even padlocks with hidden keys are not enough for them. I can understand that mindset. I don’t practice it, but I understand it.

A key nestled in a home spot

A key nestled in a home spot












I enjoy that Chloe can tell people that she keeps me locked. I’m kind of an exhibitionist chastity fan. I also have the fantasy that Chloe wears the key around her neck and she’s asked by someone what it’s for. And she tells them. She’s 100% honest and tells the person “It’s for my cock and balls. Isn’t that right, pup?” she asks as her hand grazes the front of my pants and I nod, blush and mutter “Yes, Ma’am”. Or if I’m not with her, she has a conversation with this person about the key and what it is for… all referencing that I am elsewhere, locked and not able to get into any trouble either by myself or with someone else. “Oh he can masturbate, but not without supervision. And he’s not allowed to cum, of course. Not without lots of begging and teasing.” This is a very strong thread that pervades chastity fiction and fantasy. Seeing the key worn evokes this feeling for many male in chastity and plenty of those who want to be in chastity. Hell, just seeing this picture may inflate the cock of a male who is locked. I’m smiling as I write that, knowing that there are cocks inflating and feeling pain as they swell against the plastic or metal tubes that encase them. You’re welcome (but I know you love it). Chloe can return home and tell me about the conversation, likely while I am naked and lying or kneeling next to her, my cock straining at its steel. Hell, I’d be okay if she fabricated such a conversation, as I wouldn’t know the difference.

My denial is predicated on the idea that “I will get to cum”, eventually. That may be a week, a month, a few months, maybe. She’s never gone much longer as she enjoys making me cum. But my denial doesn’t work for me if I don’t have in my mind that cumming is possible. The teasing performed moving toward that event merely pushes me up the steps toward that ejaculation. And I can take so much teasing. Sometimes I lose track of myself in the teasing and she needs to calm me down. On occasion, she has to remind me to breathe slowly, as my body starts taking over and keeps me stranded up on the plateau where I can’t get down.

Very secure chastity

Without a drill, this chastity won’t be removed

Without the target of cumming, denial loses it’s potency. If Chloe were to come home tonight and tell me “I’ve decided. We’re welding your chastity cage and you’re not cumming again” we would be engaging in some very serious discussions. I’m also not a fan of castration fantasy. Not at all. I was okay with Chloe referring to my “being fixed” when I had my vasectomy, as you might say for any dog, but nothing beyond that. No, my balls make me very happy and I’m very happily attached to them. Being no longer attached would change the dynamic far too much.

The bottom line is that denial for me is “not yet”. It’s a promise that “some day… ” or “one day” or even “soon” – but eventually.


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