Got wood?

I’ve been getting involved in a shared workshop and have started really being able to dig deeper into playing around with wood. First project is to create my own humbler, as I’ve considered having one and Chloe has said that she really wants to use one on me. So, what Chloe wants, Chloe usually gets.

I cut a first prototype from some plans I found online out of Fir. It was reclaimed lumber from a door I found on the side of the road. That was far too thick, but I was able to assess the shape of the humbler as adequate and some of the other aspects of it as well. So, off to the store to find some wood and I found some 8/4 cherry that looked nice. I sawed that down with our band saw and had some 6/4 and almost 2/4 wood left.

paddle blanks

rough cherry paddle blanks

I had a problem with sawing down that wood which put a blade through some of the humbler wood, but I was able to continue the shape and get rounded edges. Another good step. I also cut out a few paddles from the extra 2/4 plank. 

Saturday I headed over to the workshop with another piece of cherry and started in on the same idea. Two humbler prototype pieces and this time 5 paddles to rough cut. I got those all roughed and put a finish rounded edge on the above three paddles, which now just need a hole drilled, sanding and finish to be ready! The humblers (#4 and 5) need some rough sanding to shape, rounding, drilling, cutting, hinging and then finish. So they’re not quite there. But I’m hopeful they’ll be ready by Winterfire! Nothing like new toys at an event!


Of course, my intention in the long term, once I find how these work out, is to turn these blanks out on the CNC machine, which will make them nearly perfect blanks. Then I can finish put more time into quality finish. We shall see! There are many ways to make a humbler. I’m learning many thing in doing all this and happily so.

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