More than…..

My lovely pup….

I have read your post entitled “Less than”, and I agree with you, it is rather vague.

You have not failed Me, I can tell you that much. You belong to me, yes, and in that wonderful service you provide to me, you have done nothing that resembles failure. I assure you of this.

But if you have personal goals and objectives that you feel you are falling short of, then maybe you do feel this way. I do not agree that if the parts of a whole don’t go as we wish, then the sum of those parts equals failure. If we had our entire shit totally together at all times, then there would be no opportunity for growth, for change, for betterment.

I am not fond of the post you have left here. As your friend, your lover, your Mistress, your owner, I am concerned. You are being unfair to yourself. You are being too vague. Even I don’t understand what it is you are saying, and I live with you.

It’s time to get up, boy. Get up, out of bed, brush yourself off, and figure out what ails you. And fix it. I don’t like saying this publicly, but you are very much dealing with first world problems, and they can be fixed the minute you decide to fix them. How incredibly lucky you are to be able to do that. So….get up and do it. I will be with you as you take your steps. I will drag you sometimes if you need that tug on your leash and collar. But you have to do the forward walking towards what it is you want.

Get up, boy. The coffee is hot and its waiting for you. Get up out of your bed and start your day. Your future started yesterday.

I love you.


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