Comfortable touch

Some people who don’t play in chastity won’t understand it, but there’s a definite comfort in being in chastity. I felt very close to Mistress last night and this morning had a very hard time letting her leave for work. It was sad to see her leave. And I’m not some kind of really needy submissive (well, unless you’ve been beating me for a long time, I might get a little needy for some aftercare, but I digress).

Locked up cock

So, I was missing her and really wanted to just lie in bed with her all day and have her hand on my cock and balls, like we do when we sleep together at times. So, after the shower, after my wrist collar was put on, I put on the chastity device. My cock and balls sliding into the a-ring, a little hand cream in the tube helped it slide onto my hardening cock. I found a lock and key pair in her jewelry space and “click” went the lock by itself, without her there, but nonetheless, left me feeling with the comfort of her hand around me, clutching me, all… day… long. Of course, it’s only two hours into my day, but I do feel better and more comforted in chastity when we’re apart.

She sometimes likes it when I self-lock, as the chastity is often something she does for me (my opinion, perhaps I’m wrong!) because I like it. But she loves seeing my cock swell and harden and pulse under her touch. And I enjoy that too, very much. But this day, I just needed her near.. and this is the closest I can get before one of us hits the lottery of becomes independently wealthy in some other manner.

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