Oops, almost forgot

For a brief and beautiful moment, I was her slave outside the house.

We went through our morning, got dressed for the “Oh shit, last weekend before Christmas!” dealing and we proceeded out the door.

I had warmed up the car, then gathered our things and we got into the car, I reversed out into the road and I put it into a forward gear and laughed. I stopped the car on the side of the road and laughed and looked at Chloe. “For a moment, I forgot…”

“What?” She said, not noticing or understanding.

“It was just so normal, so… natural.” I smiled… the corners of my smile letting loose just a little as the reality hit. My hands left the steering wheel and gear shift and moved to my neck. She smiled when she noticed what I was doing. I reached to my neck and unfastened the collar. So comfortable, natural and normal it was to be collared.

It’s been a good month or two living alone together (outside of visits, of course) where I’ve been naked a lot (woohoo!) and I’ve been collared even more. Heck, I’ve even made the trash  run (door to can in the front yard) naked more than once while it’s dark.

Collar on the mirror

My collar hangs from the mirror of the car

But now one of her adult offspring has arrived back for about a month, so the naked ends. And half the collar time ends too, as I’ll just be wearing it while Chloe and I are in bed together. But it was a very wonderful beautiful run while it lasted. I’ll miss it until it comes back in January.

But until then, I have a great big smile to remember on the day that I forgot to take it off.

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