A new wrinkle in things

It was an interesting weekend. We drove off to visit friends Saturday and then returned back to our home. I left there and did a few hours of work there and came back. I quickly found my collar and lost all my clothes and crawled up on the bed with my lovely Mistress where we chatted and talk for a bit, then she started playing around with me. A quick hard cock and a hungry Mistress soon led us to a new wrinkle in our relationship.

Her mouth found my cock, making it wet and then she quickly straddled me. It was delightful. It really was wonderful feeling her wetness surrounding my cock and I was really very lost in lust.

“I’m hungry”

“I can see that….. ” moan, moan, moan.

“No, I’m hungry” she smiled.

“Is this the time to be talking about this?”

“I want to go to the new place and eat wings.”

“Okay, well” moan moan “Why are we talking about this right now?”

“Because you’re going to buy me wings tonight.”

“I don’t know about that” I replied.

And then there she was climbing OFF of the cock. “wait wait!” I pulled her back down. I found myself in her again. I smiled and groaned in pleasure.

“No, you’re going to take me for wings.”

“Am I?”

“Yes, you are, or I’m going to stop this right now” and she pulled up again, letting my cock fall out.

“But baby, this feels so good for both of us… let’s just stay in and enjoy each other.” Her hand now stroked my cock.

“No, I want wings and you’re going to buy them.” I laughed. She stopped stroking my cock. I tried to grab her hips and pull her back to me.

She still left me denied any orgasm (this is not unusual), but the buffalo wings were better than the jerk wings and it was $1.50 Bud Light on special. So there’s that to see positive things in.

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