Birthday orgy, hold the cake.



I love parties!

I love when other people have birthdays!

And I love birthday parties!!

That is exactly what we had yesterday, on a Wednesday, at 4pm, in a home, in a town, on a Main Street. All because the stars aligned, the adults were willing and able, and someone had a birthday.

It was perfect, really. Totally and completely perfect for a last minute plan.

It started a few days before when three exceptional women got together to socialize, catch up, visit, share, laugh, and maybe even plan. All three of us are kinky to varying degrees. All three of us struck me as beautiful, confident, strong, centered, happy, grounded, solid. That is the absolute best kind of woman. Money cannot buy that kind of sexy.

So the three of us met. We drank wine, ate food, and talked about getting together to celebrate the birthday of the husband of my friend who was sitting across the table from me. We talked about a big birthday blowjob celebration. Could we pull something like that off?? Could we, in only a few days’ notice, with many of us being scatted across the southern part of the state??

As fate would have it, all of us were available on the appointed day, and I felt certain that I could get my two boys to leave work a bit early and join the festivities. I needed them and wanted them to be there. Their participation was paramount because I am not exactly the “down on my knees” kind of gal. I like telling others to get on their knees, that’s the key difference. I needed my boys to be good cocksuckers on this day, and to pour the wine and put out the food. They would be busy, and I needed and wanted them to be all of those things.

The birthday plan was to give the birthday boy an orgy of blowjobs. To lavish birthday attention on his birthday cock. Three, maybe four lovely adults climbing their naked bodies over and atop one another in order to take turns worshiping birthday cock.

Imagine your wife (if you have a cock that you like to be sucked) picking you up from work, telling you that you are  going to make a brief stop before heading home, bringing you to a private home where are four naked, smiling lovers await you, and you doing nothing but lying back on the sofa, getting your cock sucked? That is the kind of day this man had. A good day, a birthday kind of day, with a group blow job to top it all off. The icing on the cake, as it were.

I personally did not suck cock; I was the only one who didn’t, but I did give it a few smiling  kisses at the end.  I actually have my own personal, private play date later today. But yesterday, I watched and grinned and played the roll of conductor to the sex symphony that lay splayed out before me. At one point I felt mesmerized as the naked, beautiful, joyous, touching friends all moved their bare bodies on and around one another, while the birthday boy threw his head back in groaning, touching ecstasy.

We live on that main street I mentioned. The house was cozy, warm, soft lighting, big leather couch. Candles, music, smiles, laughter, happiness filled the air.  Outside the bay of windows was all of the main street traffic, filled with people driving past, heading home, having no idea what was taking place a few feet away in an ordinary house with extraordinary people on the inside. I looked at my boy john in all is naked glory, watching the pleasure on his face as the cock he was sucking was happily familiar to him. I watched troy as he embarked on an experience that was new to him, and I could see by looking at his face that he was living the stuff of dreams.

Does this sort of thing happen to regular people, in Anytown, USA? It does. It happens in our town, and I love that it does. It doesn’t happen often enough, but it happens, and that makes me very happy.

At the end, when the birthday boy had his candle blown with a little help from his friends (hahaha…couldn’t resist that one!), we sat around the big pub style table, eating and drinking and talking. I looked around at the six of us, and it struck me that all the women at this point were clothed, and all the men were naked. It was the perfect moment to a perfect afternoon. I don’t know if others delighted in that image as much as I did, and it doesn’t matter, but I captured that photo in my mind, and it is seared within me. It is how I like life to be. How wonderful it could happen! How lucky we are.

And how much I love a good party!



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