A hiatus

So, I’m not sure if there are loyal readers, but if you are, you’ve no doubt noticed that, hey, we haven’t posted. There’s a perfectly logical explanation for that. But not a quick or easy explanation for that. So, let me do my best at explaining.

Chloe and I got into a an argument. I won’t go into details about what it was about or such, but it ended up being one of those types of arguments which proved to give us thoughts about whether we would remain together or not. Not for the content within the argument, but for my reactions as a result of it. The good news and the shortest story is that yes, we did make it through. And we are here together at the end of it, sharing our bed again, back to “normal” and I’ve even spent a few nights collared before she ended up leaving for a bit of a late winter getaway with her bestest college friend.

Even before the argument, I had not been blogging as I had before, perhaps the wind out of my sails since Chloe had not been blogging very much and I’ve always been great at starting projects and getting them rolling, but sometimes don’t do so well with the upkeep. So, having left it to her, she was doing great before the holidays, then we both kind of dropped it after the holidays. And that was months ago! I suppose one factor in the lack of blogging is that I didn’t really feel like we were being read. And yes, I know we can’t expect to have followers immediately, but writing on a wall that never gets a light turned upon it gets tiring. And as Chloe mentioned to me in conversation about the blog, she was worrying that the blog might be getting stale. I mean, how many times can one write about collars and cleaning up this or that and the fact that we had a great fuck last night before one goes “Well, what else is there?” – both from the writer’s perspective and the readers. So there’s THAT, which is a huge consideration. This blog IS a learning experience for the both of us. The social media experiment that we are on could take a while to figure out, but, in the end, I think it will be a good exercise and I think it may just educate some folks along the way. I can hope. And I’ll try to blog more often as well – to keep the momentum going. This will be part of my improving myself, which has taken on many facets in the past couple weeks, including my weight (now under 220, which is great, but not under 200), my fitness (3 days running this past week, compared with NONE before) and my other things that are in my life (volunteer efforts, projects, etc). I’ve come to realize that I’m the only one that’s going to make these things happen and that my life is pretty damn lucky, overall, and I need to get off my ass and “do it” instead of complaining to myself and others around me about the lack of time I have to do it. Because I know I waste some of my time. Don’t we all?

So, well, I’m going to continue to post more in the coming days, perhaps give you all something fun to read, and continue with all the other things and just keep doing. I can only hope we might make back our readers from before and gain a few over time. And Chloe’s last post, which was actually posted automatically the morning AFTER the argument, can be responded to (by me) and provide some good stories for all of you.

7 thoughts on “A hiatus

  1. How are you gauging whether you’re being read? Or which posts are being read? Just curious if you have site stats or are using something else, like Google Analytics. And I ask because this does not appear to be a blog powered by WordPress or Blogspot. Maybe it is? It’s just not typical in appearance.

    I read you, and often. :)

    Unsolicited Opinion (NOT advice): It would be nice to see a ‘Like’ button on each individual post. I would like to be able to ‘Like’ what I read. :) {That would also clue you in to what’s being viewed.}

    As for whether it gets old… Well, does it? If it’s stale to *you* it will be stale to your readers. It doesn’t seem that way to me though. There are a million things you can explore here. It doesn’t need to be blow-by-blow accounts of your sexplorations.

    As a non-monogamous person, I always like to see the Hows and Whys of other people’s relationship structures. Firsts are always a pleasure to read, even if they squick, because we’ve all been there, and a few of us have learned from them. Darkest desires, wants vs needs, thoughts on styles of D/s, how-tos… The list of What You Could Write is miles long. I’ve been blogging for four years and I doubt I’ll run out of things to say even if I’m at it for 40 more. You won’t either.

    And don’t be too hard on yourself about frequency. You don’t have to post every day. Make a schedule if it helps, but make it once a week or once a month. I’ll take quality over quantity any time. So will most people, I think.

    I hope you’ll stick with it. I enjoy your posts.

    • Thanks so much for this. It’s very much appreciated. You offer positives that I _know_ are there, but in the other times, I don’t see the positives, just the negatives.

      And I’m working hard to improve that outlook. Thanks again!

  2. Yeah, what Mrs. Fever said. You’re living this life to live it, not for the audience. Maybe the blog mission needs to be clarified away from being a great sexy read and more toward providing a snapshot of life lived out loud, whatever that may be this week. Who says you have to post a porn novel daily? That’s not sustainable. That’s also not necessarily what I see on the other blogs I follow. Define success in sustainable terms, allow yourselves to be “unsexy”, allow yourselves to control the story less, it’s ok if reality is unflattering sometimes. It’s still valuable and very interesting to the outside world.

    Can I just say, it seems like there’s a fairly regular ebb and flow in your dynamic? I feel like we have been here before this time of year. That in itself might worth blogging about, if you’re inclined to be reflective. Maybe this is partly the product of wicked event drop and deep winter blues. I’m glad you’re getting pro-active, that can only help, and we all need to be pursuing the solo activities we love. They feed us. And spring will be here soon, My dears.

    Finally, I lovingly commend the words of the director Stanislavsky, “there are no small parts, only small actors.” If the world doesn’t feel big enough, try broadening how you engage with it. When I feel stuck I always remember Northern Exposure and Leonard the shaman’s advice to Dr. Joel Fleischman when he complained of boredom. Leonard quoted Stanislavaky and summarized: “Joel, you’re not bored, you’re boring.” If the blog has felt stuck, maybe it’s been y’all have felt stuck somewhere even before the fight. Now that you’re feeling a sense of movement again, I’m sure the blog can feel better too if you give it space to breathe and reflect the shift.

    Finally, as they say in the Army: remember you gotta send ’em to get ’em. So don’t forget to engage and comment on other blogs too. We all like to feel heard.

  3. Yes you do have regular readers.

    I don’t have words of wisdom to give you like “Lady Jill” and “Mrs Fever” and I don’t believe in giving advice (who do I think I am anyway :) )
    but I think of blogs as a window on your life ,where you have just switched on the lights, and we voyeurs look/smile/raise the eyebrow/wish you well/don’t mind repetition and most of us say nothing. But I/we read and enjoy vicariously.

    • Thank you, it’s good to hear. And most appreciated. I’ll keep posting… perhaps I’ll get another one out tonight, though tonight is the “clean up the house before she comes back home tomorrow” night as well… ;)

      Thanks for the comment. It’s appreciated.

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