Off to the show

“The show” can be any number of things. For a baseball player, it’s the culmination of years of practice and focus and finally getting up to the bigs. For actors, it’s to the top of their craft, prime time TV, Broadway, a blockbuster hit, the leading man or leading lady. The Met, Carnegie, Banaroo? Well.. But you get the idea. In this case, we’re talking about showing off one’s property (cause we’re kinky like that).

waxed man

A waxed man


Madame took me to the groomers last weekend for a hair and beard trim and then more recently to another groomer where I was waxed. We’ve been to this groomer before and she’s already familiar with waxing my junk and Madame is there to help, grasping and stretching skin, though Laurie (salon person, names changed… ) has still handled my parts enough. Laurie isn’t kinky, as far as we know, but she doesn’t mind us coming in and Madame giving her a hand with ripping the hair out of my body. We laugh a lot.

It’s a mostly vanilla thing, but there are certainly overtones and some very well dropped hints that we are a Female Led Relationship. I remained flaccid through all of the hair removal but then it came time to remove the excess wax, at which time Chloe rubbed in the wax removal cream all over the waxed area. She felt me getting hard and moved her left hand to cover my rising cock while her right hand moved to my balls and crotch to remove the more stubborn wax residue. Laurie was in the room for a bit and added some more remover for Chloe and a fresh towel as well, so there’s no doubt that she saw my bodies reaction. Once Laurie left the room, Chloe leaned in and told me I was being naughty, getting hard in front of Laurie. Of course my cock swelled harder and I started humping her hand to get her to pump my cock. She obliged and pumped me for about ten seconds, nice, hard and fast with a beautiful smirk on her face. “That’s enough” she whispered. “Get yourself put together… ” I dressed, we paid, left and had a lovely dinner at a nearby restaurant. I was rewarded with bourbon at dinner for my enduring the waxing.

This waxing led to a text conversation the next day with another lovely dominant woman about my grooming adventures to which she stated “It is good for the dog to be ready for the show”.

And that’s the line that put into perspective some things for me. Some things about how I want to be “seen” at the upcoming event. I am my Mistress’ pet. I am her dog. And while we don’t do “puppy” play like others, my dog personality certainly reflects my slave status in her household. I am her servant, slave, dog, partner and toy. And there are times when I might be considered her partner, but at camp, I’m not so much looking for that. I have been told I am scheduled for ample opportunities for service and Chloe has a manner of recognizing that service in visible ways for all to see. And yes, I will be on show. In addition to the service aspects, I (my vast fantasy mind) also sees myself in the middle of the show, Madame holding me on my leash, parading me in front of the adoring crowd and then the judge coming to inspect me. There, in front of all the others, naked and exposed, told to be on my hands and knees, perfect. The judge touches, inspects, my tail lifted and exposed as at Westminster, and the crowd sees all of me. The latter of this is absolutely more the fantasy side of it, but I’d be happy to see this happen. The former is the more realistic and I want to please her more from THAT part of the inspection than I care about in the other parts. I want earn my rewards from those I serve and proudly wear them when returning to my Mistress. Yes, I very much look forward to that.

So, off to the show. Groomed, cleaned, ready for service and showing. Do you think I’ll take home a blue ribbon?

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