Quick one

Just a couple minutes while the house is ready, kids are relaxed in their own spaces in front of their screens, dinner is on the stove (Corned Beef New England Boiled Dinner), the nosh plate is made and we get ready for guest arrivals, including two visiting dogs. A little moment of peace and relaxation while we wait for the busy times… then the house will be very empty again. And naked time can resume.

Madame was away last night and, since our little time apart, we hadn’t been using chastity since January. As she was getting ready to leave yesterday I inquired if she didn’t want to maybe go into higher security. She smiled and replied “Are you missing that?” I blushed some and looked down at my feet. “Tell me… ” she said as she raised my chin up, to look her in the eyes.

“Yes.. you know that.”

“But I like to hear you say it.”

“And I like to hear YOU say it too.”

“Go inside then, boy… ”

“But I don’t think that’s possible right now.”

We checked into it and discovered that yes, in fact, putting the CB on was not possible. Seems like the prospect of being locked was too much excitement to allow for being locked.

She smiled. She said she had to leave. She gave me 15 minutes to be locked up and send her a picture.

I complied, once she was out of arousal range and sent her the picture. Then, to relieve any possible overwhelming desires to unlock myself, I started the process of freezing the key into an ice cube, which was done by this morning. I kind of think that she’ll end up leaving me locked up while I’m away for work until Wednesday night, which will be a shame for tonight’s possible fun, but understandable, as she enjoys having her property locked up.

I have to say, I’m happy with it, I do enjoy it. And I enjoy this kind of play in our world. She’s very trusting and I’m completely honest when she asks me if I’m behaving. I have no reason for lying – it kind of defeats the purpose of this play for us. But then, I really do like her sending me away while I’m locked up.

Okay, it’s almost time for guests to start arriving.

Amend that, the guests arrived before the proof read, while I was looking for an image to add. Which I haven’t added. ;) It was a lovely Sunday supper and everyone had a good time!

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